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The Making Connections website (, sponsored by the APS Fund for the Teaching and Public Understanding of Psychological Science, was designed to provide instructors with psychological research findings and other scholarly information on specific social issues and assist them, both pedagogically and conceptually, in linking those social issues to the psychological constructs and theories discussed in their classes. The website includes (1) summaries of articles addressing social issues from recent peer-reviewed social science journals, (2) suggestions for “making connections” between specific research findings and psychological constructs, (3) supplementary podcasts, film clips, and articles, (4) pedagogy-focused resources on curriculum development, classroom activities, teaching strategies, and service learning, and (5) links to professional and non-profit organizations with information on social issues. The website material is searchable by issue as well as relevant psychological construct and addresses such topics as truancy intervention, cultural socialization in transracial adoption, LGB victimization in the military, smartphone technology in behavioral healthcare, disability and childhood violence exposure, manifest ethnic identification in employment situations, global warming beliefs, anti-bullying programs, and resilience among Afghan women.

Research that produces nothing but books will not suffice.
                                                                                                                    - Kurt Lewin