The Society for the
Study of Social Issues


Committees & Task Forces

The Society's affairs are administered in part by a number of standing committees with specialized responsibilities. Committee chairs are appointed by the president acting for the Council, and committee membership varies from year to year. The Council alone may create new  committees and disband those no longer needed.

SPSSI also relies on the contributions of "Task Forces", "Social Issues Committees", and "Ad Hoc Committees" for the advancement of our programs and mission.

APA/SPSSI Nominations and Elections
Susan Clayton


APA Program (2016)
Angela Bahns (Co-Chair)
Nicole Overstreet (Co-Chair)


Margaret Shih
Keon West


Applied Social Issues Internship (More)
Arthur Stukas

  Audit and Finance
Richard Wiener

Cynthia Najdowski

Dalmas A. Taylor Fellowship
Sarah Mancoll

  United Nations (More)
Rachel Ravich

  Distinguished Service to SPSSI
Denise Sekaquaptewa

Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton

  Early Career Scholars (More)
Sam Gaertner (Co-Chair)
Stephanie Brooks Holiday (Co-Chair)
     Graduate Students (More)
Kristen Hackett

Grants-In-Aids Award (More)
Kumar Yogeeswaran

  Gordon Allport Prize (More)
Oliver Christ

  International Conference (More)
Colette Van Laar

Glenn Adams (Co-Chair)

  Kurt Lewin Award (More)
James Jones

  Listserv Moderator
Cyndi Lucas

Louise Kidder Early Career Award 
Rachel Farr

  Marshall Scholar Committee (More)
Susan Dudley

Steven Wright (Co-Chair)

New York Regional Group (More)
Harold Takooshian

  Otto Klineberg Award (More)
Daniel Bar-Tal

  Teaching & Mentoring Committee (More)
Jamie Franco-Zamudio (Co-Chair)
Jessica Salvatore (Co-Chair)

Policy (More)
Linda Silka


  Publications (More)
Sheri Levy (Co-Chair)
Peggy Stockdale (Co-Chair)
  SAGES Grants Program (More)

Social Issues Dissertation Award 
Rachel Annunziato

  SPSSI Administrative Handbook
Susan Dudley

  SPSSI Fellows (More)
Todd Morrison

Clara Mayo Grants (More)
Rachel Kallen

Research that produces nothing but books will not suffice.
                                                                                                                    - Kurt Lewin