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What is SPSSI?

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Research Methods in Social Relations, 8th Edition

The new 8th edition of SPSSI's popular text, Research Methods in Social Relations is now available for adoption. Contact Wiley-Blackwell for an examination copy. 






Congratulations to SPSSI’s newly elected President-Elect, Chris Crandall; and Council members: Peggy Stockdale, Glenn Adams, Isis Settles, and Sam Gaertner. Demis Glasford will serve as Council alternate this year. The new Council terms will begin on September 1.




Special Issue: Milgram at 50

This issue of the Journal of Social Issues reexamines Stanley Milgram’s famous experiments on obedience fifty years after they were first published, finding evidence we may have been misinterpreting the results all along. 



SPSSI 2015 Conference

SPSSI is hosting a brand new conference this Summer in the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill. To find out more, visit our 2015 conference page by clicking here

President's Forum

Read SPSSI President Alice Eagly's most recent newsletter column by visiting our new President's Forum. Click here. 

SPSSI on the Hill

SPSSI hosted our first 2015 Congressional Seminar on April 7th titled "Biased Policing: Causes, Consequences & Prescriptions" with guest speaker Dr. Jack Glaser. More

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