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A Call to Action in the Face of Tragedy

On Sunday, June 26, SPSSI hosted an informal discussion session at the conference in Minneapolis to acknowledge the Orlando shootings and their impact on SPSSI members and the community; to share resources and information about the responses of SPSSI so far; and to discuss future contributions that SPSSI and its members can make. Read More




Congratulations to SPSSI's newly elected!

Our election results are in! With our sincere thanks to all the candidates who agreed to run for SPSSI leadership positions, we are happy to announce the results of this year's elections. Read more.





Early Career Awards

Louise Kidder Early Career Award 
June 15th Deadline
To recognize social issues researchers who have made substantial contributions to the field early in their careers.

Michele Alexander Early Career Award September 15th Deadline
Awarded in recognition of early career excellence in scholarship as well as in service.





Congratulations new SPSSI Fellows!

These individuals are recognized for their unique and outstanding contributions to the psychological study of social issues and to SPSSI. Read More. 




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SPSSI welcomes applications from psychologists and graduate students to join the team of SPSSI Representatives at the United Nations in New York

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