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SPSSI Biennial Conference
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SPSSI Annual Conference

We’re making plans to host a brand new SPSSI conference in summer 2015 at a site in the greater Washington, DC region. We know that some of our members won’t be able to attend SPSSI conferences every year, but we’re also aware that many of you are interested in more frequent and possibly smaller SPSSI meetings. We expect to cap attendance at this 2015 conference at around 200 people in order to ensure that it will be more intimate than our recent biennial meetings, and it will focus on a social science/social policy theme. This is all in the early planning stages at this point, but watch the website for additional information on this event (focus, venue, registration) which will be forthcoming as soon as we have things finalized. 

SPSSI's Biennial Conference

SPSSI's biennial conventions, held in the summer of even-numbered years, provide a forum for the exchange of scholarly information related to an array of important social issues. In odd-numbered years, SPSSI business meetings take place in conjunction with the APA Convention.

Our 2016 SPSSI Conference will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 24-26, 2016.

Past SPSSI Conferences:

We are also proud to join with the European Association for Social Psychology (EASP) to co-sponsor small joint meetings on selected topics.


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