The Society for the
Study of Social Issues


The SPSSI / EASP Partnership

Each year, SPSSI partners with the European Association for Social Psychology  (EASP) to sponsor a scholarly conference, held alternately in a European and a North American venue.  

  • The 2015 conference is organized by Colette van Laar and Toni Schmader on "Times are a-Changing but Men's Roles are Slow to Change: Developing a Research Agenda on the Underrepresentation of Men in Communal Roles." This Conference will be held in November, 2015 in Leuven, Belgium.
  • The 2014 conference was organized by Susan Fiske and Miguel Moyaon on "The Great Recession and Social Class Divides". This conference was held in September 2014 in Princeton, NJ, USA.


SPSSI and EASP invite proposals for future conferences.



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