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Social Issues and Policy Review

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Mission Statement: The mission of Social Issues and Policy Review (SIPR) is to provide state of the art and timely theoretical and empirical reviews of topics and programs of research that are directly relevant to understanding and addressing social issues and public policy. SIPR, like other review volumes (e.g., Annual Review of Psychology and Advances in Experimental Social Psychology) is formally considered a periodical. Papers will be accessible and relevant to a broad audience and will normally be based on a program of research. Works in SIPR will represent perspectives directly relevant to the psychological study of social issues and public policy.

Contributions are expected to be review papers that present a strong scholarly foundation and consider how research and theory can inform social issues and policy or articulate the implication of social issues and public policy for theory and research. Works may relate to controversial current issues, but they must be well grounded in theory and research, normally involving work in the behavioral sciences, and present fair and unbiased portrayals of the issues.  SIPR is not limited to a particular point of view, political or social ideology, geographic area of focus, or disciplinary orientation.  It encompasses areas of global concern. SIPR volumes are nonthematic; that is, the papers within each volume will focus on a variety of topics. Manuscripts may be invited or submitted openly to SIPR, but all will be peer-reviewed. 

The Editors, Sam Gaertner and Rupert Brown have the responsibility for determining the suitability of manuscripts for publication in SIPR. All proposals and  inquiries about submissions should be directed to them.  Members of the Editorial Board will be asked to review manuscripts within their scope of expertise and will advise the Editor(s) on both specific editorial issues and general policies and procedures.

Developing a review: We encourage individuals to consider developing reviews for this journal. To find out more about expectations for the review, click here.

Subscriptions and reprints: Subscriptions are free to SPSSI members. Non-member subscriptions are available by contacting Wiley Blackwell.

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Permissions: Request to reprint materials from SIPR should be obtained from Wiley-Blackwell.

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