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Rookie Submission Guidelines


The deadline for Rookie submissions to be included in the Winter/Spring issue of The Forward is February 13, 2015 by midnight.


The Rookie is the graduate student section of SPSSI’s newsletter, The Forward. The Rookie provides an opportunity for SPSSI graduate students to disseminate their work to the larger SPSSI community and to gain experience with the publication process. We encourage submissions from all areas of psychology, including clinical, community, developmental, social, cognitive, neuroscience, industrial/organizational, etc.

Submissions may take many forms, including, but not limited to: emerging research by graduate students, tips for surviving graduate school (e.g., writing, time management, applying for academic or non-academic jobs), describing policy implications of research, commentary on current events/social issues that incorporates the student’s research and/or psychological theory in general.


·        At least 1 author must be a student member of SPSSI
·        Multiple authors (up to 5) are allowed
·        Submissions may NOT be theoretical articles or literature reviews

Submission Checklist:

·        Title
·        Author names and affiliations
·        Email address of the first author (please note if you do not want this email address to be published with the submission)
·        3-5 keywords that describe the topic area of your submission
·        Maximum of 500 words (not including reference list; abstracts are not necessary)
·        Photo of the author(s)
·        Figure or photo that further explains the written content (optional)
·        Attach submission as a Word document and photos/figures as .jpg files and send to
·        You will receive a submission receipt within 2 business days

Questions? Please contact the Rookie editor, Caitlyn Yantis, at

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