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SPSSI member joins Sen. Feinstein in calling for repeal of DOMA

Event Announcement:: Policing in a Time of Budget Cuts: Immigration and Community Relations

 Policy Events in Washington

Event Report: AAAS Workshop on Science Rights and the UN

On the Hill: A look at News from the US Congress

July 12: House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security held a hearing on the “Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act” (H.R. 1981). Webcast here.

July 13: Senate Committee on the Judiciary hearing on "The Violence Against Women Act: Building On Seventeen Years Of Accomplishments." Webcast here.

July 13: House Agriculture Subcommittee on Rural Development, Research, Biotechnology, and Foreign Agriculture held a hearing to review an audit of foreign agriculture and food aid programs. Webcast here.

Introduced July 14: S. 1372 and H.R. 2547: A bill to amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 regarding environmental education, and for other purposes. More on S. 1372 and H.R. 2547.

Introduced July 14: H.R. 2537: To provide grants to cities with high unemployment rates to provide job training, public works, and economic development programs, and for other purposes. More on H.R. 2537.

July 14: Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on “Native Women: Protecting, Shielding, and Safeguarding Our Sisters, Mothers, and Daughters.” Webcast here.

Heads Up!

Coming up on July 20: Senate Committee on the Judiciary will hold a hearing to examine S.598, to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and ensure respect for State regulation of marriage, focusing on assessing the impact of the Defense of Marriage Act on American families. The hearing can be watched live here.

 Psychology and Social Issues in the News

In Defense of Wishful Thinking
An interesting look at how our hopes and fears about reality can shape it, with examples from SPSSI member Claude M. Steele. 

America: The Land of the Free, And the Home of the... Discontent
SPSSI Member and Co-Author Hazel Markus explores the various impact of national identity on personal identity of American citizens. Includes findings from SPSSI Member Harry Triandis.

The Heroic  Imagination Project featured on NPR's Morning Edition
NPR's Morning Edition segment "Your Health" will focus on the idea of teaching Heroism, with commentary from SPSSI Member and President of the Heroic Imagination Project, Dr. Philip Zimbardo.

Teaching Empathy to the "Me" Generation
Author Eric Leake on the value of empathy in our lives and society. Features work from SPSSI member and University of Michigan psychologist, Sara Konrath. 

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