The Society for the
Study of Social Issues


The Journal of Social Issues

Vol. 24 No. 2 1968

Social Psychological Research in Developing Countries

Issue Editors: John DeLamater, Robert Hefner, & Remi Clignet
International Editorial Committee: Co-Chairmen Herbert Kelman, M. Brewster Smith, with Rogelio Diaz-Guerrero, Joshua A. Fishman, Ulf Himmelstrand, F. Olu Okediji, and Douglass Price-Williams


National Development from a Social Psychological Perspective 1
Robert Hefner and John DeLamater

I. Potential Contributions of Social Psychological Research in Developing Countries

Social Psychology and National Development: Background of the 9

Ibadan Conference
Hebert C. Kelman

Résumé 21

Social Structure and Motivational Tuning in Social and Economic Development 25
Ulf Himmelstrand and F. Olu Okediji

Résumé 43

The Development of Nations: Some Psychological Considerations 45
Alastair Mundy-Castle

Résumé 55

On the Functions and Substance of Social Psychology in Africa 57
Andras Zempleni and Henri Collomb

Summary 58

Just a Few of the Presuppositions and Perplexities Confronting Social Psychological Research in Developing Countries 71
Leonard W. Doob

Résumé 82

II. Motivational Aspects of Techological Development

Values, Social Stratifications, and Development 87
Mübeccek B. Kiray

Résumé 101

Changes in the Hierarchy of Motivational Factors and Social in Slovenian Industry 103
Misha D. Jezernik

Résumé 112

A Motivational Paradigm of Development 115
Udai Pareek

Résumé 123

An Affiliative Society Facing Innovations 125
Gustavo Iacono

Résumé 131

III. Problems of Education and Diffusion of Knowledge

The Diffusion of Scientific and Technical Knowledge 135
Guy Barbichon

Résumé 157

Some Research Problems in African Education 161
Gustav Jahoda

Résumé 176

Education and Marginality of African Youth 179
Albert J. McQueen

Résumé 195

Educational Dilemmas of a Developing Country 199
J. E. Jayasuriya

Résumé 206

IV. The Organizational Research in Developing Countries: Issues and Potential Solutions

Introduction to Part IV 211
Herbert C. Kelman

Problems of Scientific Communication 217
Rogelio Diaz-Guerrero

Résumé 225

Problems of Research Training 227
Douglass Price-Williams

Résumé 233

Problems of Research Collaboration and Cooperation 235
Joshua A. Fishman


A Cooperative Multinational Opinion Sample Exchange 245
Donald T. Campbell

Résumé 257

In Conclusion

International Collaboration in Social Psychology: Some International 261

Reflections on the Ibanan
M. Brewster Smith

Résumé 267

Biographical Sketches 269

Abstracts 275

Conference Participants 287

The Activists? Corner 291
David Krech and Nevitt Sanford

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- Kurt Lewin