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The Journal of Social Issues

Vol. 25 No. 1 1969

Values in Crisis: Racism, War and the Conception of Evil

Issue Editor: J. Diedrick Snoek

Kurt Lewin Memorial Address: 1968

The Kurt Lewin Memorial Presentation 5
Martin Deutsch

Conflicts: Productive and Destructive 7
Morton Deutsch

Presidential Address: 1968

Racially Separate or Together? 43
Thomas F. Pettigrew

The Responsibilities of the Psychologist in World Affairs 71
Joseph de Riviera

War Toys and the Peace Movement 83
Carol R. Andreas

The Visibility of Evil 101
Lewis A. Coser

For a Sociology of Evil 111
Kurt H. Wolff

Is There a Racial Tipping Point Changing Schools? 127
Arthur L. Stinchcombe, Mary S. McDill, and Dolly Walker

School Integration: Tumult and Shame 137
James E. Teele and Clara Mayo

Racial Preference and Social Comparison Processes 157
Steven R. Asher and Vernon L. Allen

“To Receive from Kings…” An Examination of Government-to Government Aid and its

Unintended Consequences 167
Carol R. Andreas

The Negative Effect of Group Cohesiveness on Intergroup Negotiation 181
Myles I. Friedman and M. Elizabeth Jacka

Beyond Community Integration and Stability: A Comparative Study of

Oriental and Mennonite Children 195
Minako Kurokawa

The Study of Sex Roles 215
Shirley S. Angrist

Biographical Sketches 233

Abstracts 237

The Activist’s Corner 247
Nevitt Sanford and David Krech

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