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The Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Prize

The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues is proud to announce the Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Prize honoring the memory of the late Dr. Gordon W. Allport, a founder and past president of SPSSI.


Entries must be works published during the calendar year preceding the year of submission. For the 2015 award, submissions are limited to articles, chapters, or other works published in their primary form (e.g., appearing in print for print journals or books or online for online-only journals or other volumes) with a formal publication date of 2014. Please note that an individual or group may only submit one paper to SPSSI awards (including the Allport, Klineberg, and Dissertation Awards) per award year (January 1 - December 31). 


An award of $1000 is given to "the best paper or article of the year on intergroup relations" - a field about which Professor Allport cared deeply. Originality of the contribution, whether theoretical or empirical, will be given special weight. The research area of intergroup relations includes such dimensions as age, gender, and socioeconomic status, as well as ethnicity.

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Danger, Disease, and the Nature of Prejudice(s) (2013, Mark Schaller, Steven Neuberg); Differences Between Tight and Loose Cultures: A 33-Nation Study (2012, Michele J. Gelfand, et al.); Cognitive adaptation to the experience of social and cultural diversity (2011, Richard Crisp, Rhiannon Turner); "Isn't That What 'Those Kids' Need?" Urban Schools and the Master Narrative of the 'Tough Urban Principal' (2010, Sabrina Zirkel, Fatima Bailey, Shrimathi Bathey, Rebecca Hawley-Cooper, Unity Lewis, Deborah Long, Terry Pollack, Zachary Roberts, Regina Stanback Stroud, Audrey Winful); Reactions to Ethnic Deviance: The Role of Backlash in Racial Stereotype Maintenance (2009, Julie Phalen, Laurie Rudman); Nomina sunt omina: On the inductive potential of nouns and adjectives in person perception (2008, Andrea Carnaghi, Anne Maass, Sara Gresta, Mauro Bianchi, Mara Cadinu, and Luciano Arcuri)Threatened by the Unexpected: Physiological Responses During Social Interactions With Expectancy-Violating Partners (2007, Wendy Berry Mendes); The end of the end of ideology (2006, John Jost); Power and the Creation of Patronizing Environments: The Stereotype-Based Behaviors of the Powerful and Their Effects on Female Performance in Masculine Domains (2005, Theresa K. Vescio); An integrative theory of intergroup contact (2004-05, Rupert Brown, Miles Hewstone); Beyond the Group Mind: A Quantitative Review of the Interindividual-Intergroup Discontinuity Effect (2003-04, Tim Wildschut, Brad Pinter, Jack L. Vevea, Chester A. Insko, John Schopler); A Meta-Analytic Test and Reformulation of Intergroup Contact Theory (2002-03, Thomas F. Pettigrew, Linda R. Tropp)


APPLY ONLINE NOW!  Online submissions are the preferred method.  Please limit the number and size of files uploaded when applying online.   

For hard copy submissions, send five (5) copies to SPSSI, 208 "I" (Eye) St NE, Washington, DC 20002-4340. Attn: Allport Award. 


This is an annual award.  Applications must be received by June 15th. Winners will be notified by October 15th. 

Sponsored by: The Gordon W. Allport Memorial Fund of Harvard University and SPSSI.


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