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Dr. Ervin Staub

Please join SPSSI in congratulating the 2018 Otto Klineberg Award Winner Ervin Staub for his work, Preventing Violence and Promoting Active Bystandership and Peace: My Life in Research and Applications.







Washington State Supreme Court Declares Death Penalty Unconstitutional: Cites Implicit Bias in Ruling

SPSSI members Banaji and Greenwald were recognized with the Lewin Award in 2016 for their groundbreaking work on implicit bias which has been used in various sectors including law, education and healthcare. In fact, this month the State of Washington declared the use of the death penalty unconstitutional citing implicit bias. 
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Welcome to our new James Marshall Public Policy Fellow

Deborah Ojeda-Leitner, PhD, MA, was named as the 2018-2019 James Marshall Public Policy Fellow by the Society for Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI). Dr. Ojeda-Leitner currently is working with the Senate HELP Subcommittee on Primary Health and Retirement Security in the Office of Senator Bernard Sanders. Read more.







  New Virtual Special Issue

We have a new VSI up online. The virtual issue “Can Psychology Save the Planet as We Know It? Environment as a Site of Social Issues” is now live on Wiley Online Library.

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SPSSI 2019 in San Diego

We are now accepting proposals for our 2019 Conference! Click here for more info. 

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