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Manager, Digital Content & Special Projects

Brad Sickels joined SPSSI in June of 2010. His primary responsibilities include digital content production, website optimization and graphic design. He also leads SPSSI's events team in the production of all annual conferences, policy trainings and congressional seminars. Brad graduated from The State University of New York at Geneseo with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Psychology. 

Prior to joining SPSSI, Brad worked on the events team at The Human Rights Campaign and as an Executive Assistant at Discovery Communications. Additionally, he served 3 years at the National Student Leadership Conference where he last functioned as Director of the NSLC’s Medicine and Health Care Program. Brad has a strong passion for social justice and regularly volunteers for various LGBTQ organizations in the Washington DC Metro area. He has also been a company dancer of DC’s Award-Winning “Capital Funk” since 2008.