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Policy News - 12 September 2011


News from the SPSSI Policy Blog

9/11 and Psychology SPSSI News Summary

SPSSI Press Release: How Psychology Stepped in After 9/11



Policy Events in Washington

Event Report: Ten Years Later: What Have We Learned? The Psychological Impact of 9/11

Event report: Generation 9/11: The New Generation Rises



On the Hill: A look at News from the US Congress

Introduced on August 12: H.R. 2817: To amend the Community Services Block Grant Act to authorize appropriations for national or regional instructional programs for low-income youth. More on H.R. 2817.

Introduced on August 12: H.R. 2818: To provide temporary housing during schools breaks to students who are homeless or in foster care. More on H.R. 2818.

Introduced on August 26: H.R. 2826: Combat Veterans Back to Work Act of 2011. More on H.R. 2826.

Introduced on August 30: H.R. 2829: To promote transparency, accountability, and reform within the United Nations system, and for other purposes. More on H.R. 2829.

Introduced on August 30: H.R. 2830: Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2011. More on H.R. 2830.



Heads Up!

Coming up on September 21: National Parks Subcommittee , hearings to examine a recently released report by the National Park Service, focusing on "A Call to Action Preparing for a Second Century of Stewardship and Engagement". Live webcast will be available here.

Coming up on September 22: Senate Indian Affairs oversight hearing to examine the "Tribal Law and Order Act" one year later, focusing on improved public safety and justice throughout Indian country. Live webcast will be available here.

Coming up on September 13: Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs hearing to examine housing finance reform, focusing on if there should a government guarantee. Live webcast will be available here.

Coming up on September 13: Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing to examine poverty. Live webcast will be available here.

Coming up on September 13: Senate Judiciary oversight hearing to examine the Civil Rights Division. Live webcast will be available here.




Psychology and Social Issues in the News

Is It Possible to Not Judge A Book by Its Cover?
Leading psychology blog, Why We Reason, looks into the research of SPSSI member John Varley on how perceptions of race and socio-economic status can shape our biases.

Recognition for over 30 years of contribution to psychology
Former SPSSI President, James Jones, professor of psychology and Black American Studies at the University of Delaware, receives the APA's Award for Outstanding Lifetime Contributions to Psychology.

‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Hurts Workplace Performance
Miller-McCune looks at the affects of sexual orientation concealment in the workplace, citing work by SPSSI member Shih et al.

London riots: Blaming Social Media
In Psychology Today, member Pamela Routledge looks back on the causes of the London riots and finds that blaming social media can distract us from identifying the root causes of this, and other social problems.

Women in Power: Leadership Differences By Gender
Women on Business has an article reviewing research by SPSSI member Alice Eagly in which differences in leadership style between men and women were studied. 

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