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OWS Protests: a Pick of the Best News

How Occupy Wall Street Really Got Started
Andy Kroll in Mother Jones tells the story behind Adbusters and the currents that came together to create what some claim is the new form of protesting for the internet age.

Don't Think of a Pig: Why "Corporate Greed" Is the Wrong Frame
Frances Moore Lappé and Anthony Lappé in the The Huffington Post consider the most effective forms of framing the purpose of the protests. OWS has historic potential, but, like Martin Luther King’s protests there needs to be less railing of the ‘virtuous’ against the ‘evil’, and more on ideas that people of all political stripes can warm to: the justice of the system. More specifically it is about the injustice of “the rise of privately held government.”

Public Opinion Snapshot: Public Warms to Occupy Wall Street Protesters
Ruy Teixeiria, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, analyzes new U.S. poll numbers showing the relative popularity of the OWS protests and the Tea Party.

Occupying Wall Street -- The Police and the Drones
Writing in Middle East Online Tom Engelhardt, co-founder of the American Empire Project, casts his thoughts tangentially to raise concerns that the police response to the OWS protests may have something in common with anti-terror technology such as drones.

Will the Occupy Wall Street protests come to China?
Peter Ford explains why if, in China, you Google “Occupy Beijing”, you will always come up with zero hits, in The Christian Science Monitor.

'Occupy Wall Street' Gaining Respect...From Wall Street?
 “To those wondering whether to pay attention to the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests, the answer is yes. This is more than just a nascent movement that will grow in the weeks and months ahead. It is part of a worldwide drive for greater social justice.” Why is the CEO of one of the nation’s largest private asset managers on the side of the protesters? Forbes online.

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