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Call for Comments on White Paper

Dear Division Officers:

Please pass along the following announcement to your division members and committees if you believe they will be interested in responding.

Thank you,

Sarah Jordan

Division Services Office

*The Task Force on Classroom Violence Directed Against K-12 Teachers seeks comments on their draft white paper. *

In America’s public schools, violence directed against teachers and educational support personnel (ESP) is a tragic occurrence for many who work in education systems. The present white paper has several goals:
(1) to present the magnitude of the violence currently directed against
K-12 teachers; (2) to highlight what is known about potential predictors of violence directed against K-12 teachers; (3) to propose some potential strategies designed to promote safe classrooms and schools; and (4) to encourage a national research agenda for guiding future policy.

Comments maybe submitted via e-mail to Dorothy Espelage, Chair of the Task Force, at <>
*and* Rena Subotnik, Staff Liaison to the Task Force at <>.

The deadline for comments is March 1, 2010.

To access the white paper:

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