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SPSSI Policy News RSS Feed - May 21, 2010

By Christopher Woodside


National Research Council Releases New Reports on Climate Change

As part of a comprehensive study, the National Research Council is releasing three new reports ("Advancing the Science of Climate Change," "Limiting the Magnitude of Climate Change" and "Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change") investigating how the nation can battle the effects of climate change. 

The reports make up three parts of a congressionally requested suite of five studies known as "America's Climate Choices."  The two remaining reports will be released later this year under the titles of “Informing Effective Decisions" and “Actions Related to Climate Change."  “America's Climate Choices” plans to build on each of the earlier reports to offer “a scientific framework for shaping the policy choices underlying the nation's efforts to confront climate change.”

Reports in brief, as well as purchase options, can be accessed by clicking here.  To hear more from the reports' authors, please contact Nancy Huddleston at 202-334-1260.

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