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James Marshall Public Policy Fellow, 2008-2010

Dr. Jutta Tobias was SPSSI's 2008-2010 James Marshall Public Policy Fellow. Through the fellowship, she put scientific research and policy issues together with the aim of creating better outcomes for the less fortunate in this world.

Dr. Tobias is a social psychologist with a strong focus on applied psychology and international social issues. She is interested in intergroup perceptions, post-conflict collaboration and reconciliation, and has conducted field research on these topics in Europe, Africa, and the United States.  Her Ph.D. dissertation provided quantitative insight into intergroup contact and its link to reconciliation attitudes among rural Rwandans in a commercial context.

Before returning to university to complete her Ph.D. in psychology, Dr. Tobias spent nearly a decade as a professional business consultant advising corporations across Europe on management and technology issues.

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