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2021 Taylor Fellow

Mikaela Spruill headshot

Mikaela Spruill, M.A. Mikaela Spruill’s research investigates how our judgements and decisions at the individual-level sustain systemic inequities. She works to understand the cognitive processes and social contexts that help facilitate large-scale racial disparities via policy preferences and legal decisions. Ultimately, she aims to uncover bias reduction interventions that can aid in alleviating these racial inequities. She is a third-year doctoral student at Cornell University working alongside Dr. Neil Lewis Jr., is a Graduate Student Affiliate with The Center for the Study of Inequality, and is SPSSI's 2021 Taylor Fellow. Prior to attending Cornell University, Mikaela earned her M.A. in psychology from Wake Forest University, and her B.S. in neuroscience from The College of William and Mary.

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