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APA 2021 Division 9 On-Demand Library Index

SPSSI at APA 2021 Virtual   |   August 12 - 14

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APA 2021 featured three days of scheduled interactive and live sessions in addition to 3,000 on-demand presentations. There were also several days of CE Workshops, a virtual job fair, and special live sessions for students.

Thank you to SPSSI's APA 2021 Division 9 Co-Chairs, Dr. David Buck and Dr. Adrian Villicana, for organizing the peer-review process and putting together a wonderful program!

Visit the Division 9 (SPSSI) On-Demand Library Index to find a complete listing of all Division 9-listed and cross-listed discussions, symposiums, and posters that were featured at APA 2021. Here were just some of the on-demand sessions SPSSI sponsored at APA 2021: 

Symposium: Engaging White People in Anti-Racist Work

Symposium: Marginalization and Substance Use: Examining Risk Factors and Coping Methods

Symposium: The Psychology of Immigrants and Host Nations

Symposium: Rethinking How Policy and Interventions Are Currently Formed

Symposium: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives at the Graduate Level Across the Country

Symposium: APA Task Force on Human Rights: Moving Human Rights to the Forefront of Psychology

Symposium: COVID-19 and Ageism: Implications for Older Adults and Society

Symposium: Casual Sex in the Time of COVID-19

Discussion: Developing a Diverse Behavioral Health Workforce: Informed Mentorship for Underrepresented Students

Discussion: Bearing Witness to Structural Violence and Envisioning Transnational Solidarity

APA Divisions for Social Justice (to which SPSSI belongs) sponsored two on-demand collaborative sessions at APA 2021:

Symposium: Deconstructing and Reconstructing Psychology: How Do We Understand Structural Racism?

Symposium: Decolonizing Psychology: Critiquing Our Past to Understand Our Present and Plan for Our Future

Additional APA 2021 resources/events:

Guide to policy sessions. APA’s Advocacy Office and Advocacy Coordinating Committee identified APA 2021 sessions that advance advocacy and public policy. 

Main Stage event on campus speech. SPSSI Past-President Dr. Elizabeth Cole was a Keynote Speaker this year! Her talk was entitled "Whose Freedom of Speech?: Power and Voice on College Campuses."

Main Stage event on fighting misinformation. A Main Stage event entitled "Fighting Misinformation with Psychological Science" included these speakers: SPSSI member Dr. Dolores Albarracin, 2020 Allport Prize Winner Dr. Jay Van Bavel, and Past SPSSI Policy Committee Member Dr. Sander van der Linden. 

Main Stage event on bouncing back from adversity. A Main Stage event entitled "The Science of Bouncing Back from Adversity" included speaker and SPSSI member Dr. Roxane Cohen Silver.

Presidential Programming on health equityAPA President Dr. Jennifer F. Kelly hosted a series of health equity-focused Presidential Programs at APA 2021. One of these sessions, "Cultivating a Safe Space: Risks and Protective Factors for BIPOC Psychology Professionals," was offered on-demand and was chaired by SPSSI member Dr. Leo Wilton. 

Are you a SPSSI member who sees that information is missing or mislabeled in the Division 9 On-Demand Library Index or elsewhere on this page? Email SPSSI Policy Director Sarah Mancoll to have this information corrected.