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APA 2022
Call for Proposals - Now Open

SPSSI (APA Division 9) will be heading to Minneapolis, MN next August for APA 2022. Please consider submitting one or more proposals!

SPSSI, in addition to other APA divisions, is soliciting: 

DIVISIONAL PROGRAMMING PROPOSALS for a range of program types, including:

All divisional programming proposals, including proposals for SPSSI's (Div. 9) program, must be submitted by 5 pm ET on Friday, December 17, 2021.

Outside of divisional programming, there are two other types of programming for which SPSSI members might want to submit proposals: 

PSYCH SCIENCE IN 3: PS-in-3 invites graduate students and recently matriculated psychologists to share their research in three short minutes. The language must be appropriate to an educated but non-specialist audience. A selection committee will choose the top eight finalists who will compete in person at APA 2022 for the top three prizes. PS-in-3 proposals must be submitted by 5 pm ET on Friday, December 17, 2021.

CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE) WORKSHOPS: 4- and 7- hour CE workshops are offered on a full range of topics across the discipline and profession of psychology. An emphasis is placed on interactive workshops that actively engage participants in a variety of learning modes. CE Workshop proposals must be submitted by 5 pm ET on January 10, 2022.

The Co-chairs for SPSSI @ APA 2022 are Dr. Adrian J. Villicana and Dr. Justin Preddie. Please reach out to our Co-chairs with any questions you may have.

Visit the APA 2022 website to read the full Call for Proposals and to make submissions.


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