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2022 - 2023 Marshall Fellow

Lindsey Yessick Image

Lindsey Yessick, PhD. is SPSSI's 2022-2023 James Marshall Public Policy Fellow. Dr. Yessick received her Ph.D. in Psychology from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada (2022). Her primary research focus and training involved investigating risk and resilience factors that predict health outcomes for those living with chronic pain. In particular her dissertation focused on the influence of perceptions of control on chronic pain related outcomes and the moderating influence of coping flexibility. Much of her research has examined individuals disproportionately impacted by chronic pain conditions who struggle to receive effective care, such as women experiencing pelvic pain conditions.

While pursuing her Ph.D., Dr. Yessick volunteered with a multidisciplinary team of Ph.D. Community Initiative Consultants to improve healthcare service access in response to a shortage of family physicians in the local community. She also worked as a Policy Analyst on the Chronic Pain Policy Team in Health Canada to track and monitor issues related to pain and broader health care policy to ensure that pain is understood, prevented, and effectively treated across Canada.

In the future, Dr. Yessick hopes to leverage her knowledge of chronic illness related risk and resilience factors, public policy, health care systems, and surveillance to bridge the gap between scientific evidence and policies that impact the way individuals access and utilize healthcare and improve the lives of those living with chronic illness. 

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