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The 2023 Fostering Policy-Relevant Psychological Research series of five webinars (with accompanying toolkits) aim to demystify the process of conducting policy-relevant research for those people who are a) already doing it, b) interested in doing it, and c) mentoring and evaluating others who are doing it. The series is being sponsored by APA Divisions 9 (The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, or SPSSI), 8 (The Society for Personality and Social Psychology), 27 (The Society for Community Research and Action), 35 (The Society for the Psychology of Women), 44 (The Society for the Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity), and 45 (The Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race), with funding from the Committee on Division/APA Relations (CODAPAR). Our goal is to enhance psychologists' knowledge and skills in the broad domain of policy and practice implications of psychological research.

This project is being led by Division 9 President Abigail (Abby) Stewart, PhD and has team members representing all of the participating divisions, including: Patrick Grzanka, PhD (Division 9), Kevin Carriere, PhD (Division 9), Nathan (Nate) Deichert, PhD (Division 8), Julie Garcia, PhD (Division 8), John Paul Wilson, PhD (Division 8), Sara Buckingham, PhD (Division 27), Raquel Rose (Division 27), Jacqueline (Jackie) White, PhD (Division 35), Richard Sprott, PhD (Division 44), Michele Schlehofer, PhD (Division 44), and Helen Hsu, PsyD (Division 45). Sarah Mancoll, the Policy Director for Division 9, is providing administrative support for the series. 

Questions? Please contact Sarah Mancoll at

Can't attend the webinars live? All webinars will be recorded for later viewing. The links to these recordings and the related toolkits will be available on this webpage.


CODAPAR Series Webinar 1 Ad

CODAPAR Series Webinar 1: Why Policy? Understanding the Critical Link Between Research and Policy (Click here to register) (Click here for the accompanying toolkit)

Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2023 from 12-1 pm ET (9-10 am PT)

This 1-hour webinar will illuminate for scientists the importance of research in informing policy and practice. Learn why you should care about policy and how to make your research useful to policy makers.

Panelists include:

This webinar was organized by Sara Buckingham, PhD (Division 27, University of Alaska Anchorage), Nathan (Nate) Deichert, PhD (Division 8, Black Hills State University), and Raquel Rose (Division 27, New York University). Sara Buckingham, PhD will moderate the webinar.


CODAPAR Series Webinar 2: How Do You Get Started Doing Research That Is Useful to Policy Makers and Practitioners? (Click here to register)

Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2023 from 4-5 pm ET (1-2 pm PT)

This one-hour webinar is aimed at people who have not yet figured out how to do research that is useful to policy makers and/or practitioners, or who are struggling to do so. The webinar will also include attention to the value of community and counseling/clinical partnerships for research.

Panelists include:

This webinar was organized by John Paul Wilson, PhD (Division 8) and Helen Hsu, PsyD (Division 45).


CODAPAR Series Webinar 3: How Do You Make Your Research Matter to Policy Makers and Practitioners?
Date: Coming in the Fall of 2023
Organizers: Jackie White (Division 35) and Richard Sprott (Division 44)


CODAPAR Series Webinar 4: How Do You Manage Your Presence to Non-academic Audiences if Your Research Is Relevant to Policy and Practice?
Date: Coming in the Fall of 2023
Organizers: Julie Garcia (Division 8) and Kevin Carriere (Division 9)


CODAPAR Series Webinar 5: Creating a Policy-Relevant Psychology: Best Practices for Research and Mentoring
Date: Coming in the Fall of 2023
Organizers: Patrick Grzanka (Division 9) and Michele Schlehofer (Division 44)