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SPSSI New York

Current Events

Announcing the 34th Fordham Forum on Careers in Applied Psychology, February 27, 2024, Tuesday 2:30-3:40 pm

Announcing a forum on How important is spiritual health? March 1, 2024, Friday at 2:30-3:30 pm

How important is emotional intelligence? March 8, 2024, Friday at 2:30-3:30 pm

Past Events

Greater New York Conference on Behavioral Research, Saturday, November 4, 2023, 10:30am-4:30pm

Announcing a Law Psychology Forum with The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice:

How can policy changes, research, and application of new laws reduce wrongful conviction and facilitate justice? October 20, 2023, 6:30 pm

Announcing a forum on Stanley Milgram @ 90: What is his legacy?
Tuesday, October 31, 2023, 7:15-8:45 pm

Announcing a forum on International Psychology today “How can psychologists and students become more involved in international work?” Wednesday, November 1, 2023, 6-6:30 pm gathering & book-signing, 6:30-8:15 pm

Call for Papers: The 32nd Greater New York Conference on Behavioral Research--Deadline: September 22, 2023

Announcing a Law-Psychology visit to the Bronx Criminal Court on September 15, 2023 

Forum on Careers in Applied Psychology, June 9, 2023, Friday 4-5:15 pm

Announcing an in-person public remembrance hour
in New York City with colleagues and friends of
Jean Lau Chin on May 6, 2023

Applied Psychology Forum in NYC on February 28, 2023

Announcing a forum with Rick Spenst, DMin on How important is spiritual health?  March 3, 2023

Announcing a workshop with Marion G. Viray, MA on How can a test help choose a career?  March 10, 2023

March 19:  The UN International Day of Happiness with H.E. Ambassador T. Hamid Al-Bayati, PhD

March 16: “My journey from creating Evil to now inspiring Heroism” with legendary Professor Philip G. Zimbardo, PhD

March 5: Jeffrey Deskovic, Esq., MA, Executive Director of The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice on The Challenge of Wrongful Convictions

February 26: 1, 2, 3, SDG Rethinking poverty, food security, & public health systems: Healing people and the planet

Jan 28: NGOs at the United Nations ICP Video Screening and Discussion: "What is the history of NonGovernmental Organizations (NGOs) at the United Nations?"

Nov 7: The 39th Annual Symposium on Graduate School & Careers in Psychology

Nov 24: The 31st Greater New York Conference on Behavioral Psychology


On 10/31/2023, 30 psychology colleagues and students joined a forum on “Stanley Milgram at 90--His legacy” at Fordham University, featuring messages by 11 researchers and alumni of the late Professor Milgram (1933-1984). 



On 11/1/2023, 35 students joined a forum on “Social Psychology in the multicultural classroom” at Fordham University, featuring messages by Drs. Harold Takooshian and Dinesh Sharma.


On 11/1/2023, over 40 psychology colleagues and students joined a forum on “International psychology at the United Nations” at Fordham University, featuring a book-signing and 3 messages by authors with the Psychology Coalition at the United Nations (PCUN).  



On May 6, 2023, professors at Hunter College accept the annual SPSSI cake after the day-long 51st Hunter College Psychology Convention.


On April 11, 2023, Dr. Kim Baranowksi (Mount Sinai Human Rights Program) spoke at Fordham University on “Promoting data-based policy-making at the United Nations.”


On March 10, 2023, Mario Viray from Baruch College speaks on "How can a test help choose a career?"


On March 3, 2023, Dr. Rick Spenst speaks on "How important is spiritual health?"


On February 28, 2023, over 50 students hear Dinesh Sharma address a forum on careers in applied psychology.


On 12/2/2022, activist attorneys Cory H. Morris and David Leven speak on “MAID, Medical Aid In Dying.”

On 12/9/2022, students hear Guardian Angels co-founder Arnaldo Salinas speak about "Public safety in New York City: 43 years of Guardian Angels." 


On April 9, 2021, a global webinar on “Psychology in the global arena” featured 7 experts: Gabriel Twose (APA), Elaine Congress (Editor), Dalton Meister (Omaha), Kelly E. Roberts (Fordham), Serdar Degirmencioglu (Germany). Irina A. Novikova (Moscow), Harold Takooshian (NYC).


On May 7, 2021, a Law-Psychology seminar featured attorney Cory H. Morris on “What’s happening in courts today?”



On March 19, over 50 participants joined the 9th UN International Day of Happiness. H.E. Ambassador Hamid Al-Bayati chaired a forum with two other UN diplomats (Vlad Lupan, Adrian Neritani) and psychological scientists (Ashley V. Whillans, Elizabeth W. Dunn, Jiaying Zhao).



On March 16, 2021, up to 1,000 participants in 35 nations joined a global webinar with Stanford Professor Philip Zimbardo, speaking on “My journey from creating evil to now inspiring heroism,” marking the 50th anniversary of his 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment.  



On March 5, 2021, a global webinar on “The challenge of wrongful convictions” featured four experts: Jeffrey Deskovic (NYC), Fabian Camano (Argentina), Ron Dalton (Innocence-Canada), and Robert Emmons (Fordham University).



On Jan 28, a video screening and discussion of "NGOs at the United Nations." 



On October 8 at Fordham, 25 people joined a book-signing, with UCLA Professor Sean Young's new volume, "Stick with it" (Harper, 2017).  



On Oct 4, 2017, at Fordham-Rose Hill, over 40 people in a forum on "Psychological science at the United Nations," heard 5 experts (l to r): Elaine Congress, Ani Kalayjian, Sowmya Kshtriya, Oruada Oruada, David Marcotte.



On Oct 3, 2017 at Fordham-Manhattan, over 40 people at a forum on "Environmental psychology: 50 years later," heard 7 experts: Harold Takooshian, Melissa Woroschinski, Susan Saegert, Arline Bronzaft, Tae Hong Park, Daniel Benkendorf, Peter Walker. 



On Sept 14 at CUNY, over 30 people at a forum on "Publishing international work" hear Ambassador Hamid Al-Bayati and Editor Judy Kuriansky.



On Sept 18, over 50 people give a joyous thumbs-up for Dr. Olivia Hooker, who received a birthday cake marking her 101st birthday.  



On Sept 17, Dr. Paul H. Elovitz chaired a workshop on psychohistory, in cooperation with the launch of the new JASPER (Journal for the Advancement of Scientific Psychoanalytic Empirical Research).  



On Sept 16, Dr. Ani Kalayjian of  offered a Distinguished Lecture on her work on "15 years later: What is the legacy of 9-11?"  


On July 21 at Fordham, during a month of killings of U.S. police officers and black civilians, London psychologist Monica Mendiratta met with NYC colleagues to speak on "Community confidence in police," based on her work at Scotland Yard?


On May 6 at Fordham U, 14 Guardian Angels were among 45 participants in a forum on "Keeping New Yorkers safe."  Panelists were Arnaldo Salinas, Ivan Cruz, Albert Bonilla, Brian B. Ostrowe, and Curtis Sliwa.


On May 7 at Pace U, 50 people participated in a symposium on "Engaging students in international work: Why and how."  Panelists were Linda Lubranski (St. Joseph's College), Teresa M. Ober (CUNY), Maryam Zoma (Catholic Charities), Uwe P. Gielen (St Francis College).