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Journal of Social Issues

The Journal of Social Issues (JSI) is SPSSI's flagship journal. It has been published quarterly since 1945, with each issue devoted to a single theme. Over its long history, JSI has covered a wide range of pressing social issues concerning education, health, intergroup relations, politics, poverty, religion, technology, and the workplace.  Articles included in each JSI issue collectively address relevant theoretical, empirical, and policy considerations. JSI issues showcase international research from scholars (including early career scholars) from a variety of relevant fields. Each issue is developed by one or more issue editors who work closely with JSI Editor Carey Ryan and the Editorial Board.

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Dominic Abrams and Melanie Killen discuss social
and developmental psychology in the “Social Exclusion of
Children: Developmental Origins of Prejudice” for the
Journal of Social Issues March 2014 (70,1) 


Alex Haslam discusses new research reevaluating the meaning of
Milgram’s famous obedience experiments in “Following orders?
A closer look at the effects of Milgram's prods” for the
Journal of Social Issues September 2014 (70,3)




Jessica Cundiff discusses every day sexism at work and
how small subtle biases accumulate over time to create
large gender disparities in “Confronting and Reducing
Sexism: Creating Interventions that Work” for the
Journal of Social Issues: December 2014 (70,4)