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The Journal of Social Issues (JSI) is SPSSI's flagship journal. It has been published quarterly since 1945, with each issue devoted to a single theme. Over its long history, JSI has covered a wide range of pressing social issues concerning education, health, intergroup relations, politics, poverty, religion, technology, and the workplace.  Articles included in each JSI issue collectively address relevant theoretical, empirical, and policy considerations. JSI issues showcase international research from scholars (including early career scholars) from a variety of relevant fields. Each issue is developed by one or more issue editors who work closely with JSI Editor Martin D. Ruck and the Editorial Board.

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Call for Proposals: How Can Psychologists Walk the Walk
to Promote Racial Justice?  Situating racial justice intervention research
within the translational research framework
Submissions Due October 31, 2023

Call for Proposals: Using Neurodiversity-Affirming Intersectional Approaches to Build More Equitable Societies and Shape Public Policy
Submissions Due October 15, 2023

Editorial Board Members:

Alisha Ali
Associate Professor
Department of Applied Psychology
New York University

Marc Benedick
Research and Policy Scholar
Bendick and Egan Economic Consultants, Inc

Aysenur Benevento
Post-doctoral Researcher
Istanbul Bilgi University
European Institute

Jeanine Grütter
Institute for Empirical Education
University of Konstanz, Germany

Aline Hitti
Assistant Professor
Psychology Department
University of San Francisco

Carl James
Faculty of Education
York University, Toronto, Ontario

Haniska Kapoor
Research Scholar
Department of Psychology
Monk Prayogshala Research Institute
Mumbai, India

Juliana E. Karras
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
San Francisco State University

Patricia M. Krueger-Henney
Associate Professor
Urban Education, Leadership, and Policy Studies
University of Massachusetts Boston

Aleksandra Lazic
Ph.D. Candidate in Psychology
University of Belgrade

Akemi Nishida
Assistant Professor, Disability & Human Development Department and Gender & Women’s Studies
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

Rita Obeid
Permanent Instructor of Psychology
Department of Psychological Sciences
Case Western Reserve University

Adreanne Ormond
Senior Lecturer with the Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice
School of Government

Victoria University of Wellington

Krystal Perkins
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
Purchase College, SUNY

Carey Ryan
Professor of Psychology
University of Nebraska Omaha

Yoko Takagi
Assistant Professor of Psychology
SUNY, College at Oneonta

Ralitsa Todorova
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Pullias Center for Higher Education
University of Southern California

Andrea C. Vial
Assistant Professor of Psychology
New York University Abu Dhabi
Global Network, NYU Faculty of Arts and Sciences

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