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"SPSSI-UK is a new development that SPSSI is sponsoring to underline its commitment to internationalise its contribution and to embrace the significant contribution that UK psychological research is able to make in wider international debates.”

- Professor Dominic Abrams, University of Kent & former Chair of SPSSI-UK’s Steering Committee

SPSSI is extending its commitment to and collaboration with the United Kingdom by developing a UK-based initiative, namely SPSSI-UK. SPSSI-UK’s main goal is to increase the impact of social and behavioral science beyond academia and to inform public policy and debate in the UK. More specifically, with an eye to UK-based evidence and issues, SPSSI-UK aims to:

  • Foster collaborative research on social issues through dedicated events for academics, policy makers, and practitioners to share information, research, and ideas.
  • Encourage public education and evidence-based policy making, and producing coordinated and timely responses to social issues affecting the UK.
  • Challenge contemporary issues that extend beyond national borders or have no national boundaries.

SPSSI-UK is founded to provide an independent arena for social and behavioral scientists in the UK who are committed to increasing impact beyond academia and informing public policy and debate. SPSSI-UK will develop in accordance with SPSSI’s identity, aims and values, and is considered an important step towards seeing whether the SPSSI model can be further internationalized.

Please help us by spreading the word about SPSSI-UK to your friends, colleagues and students!

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