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SPSSI is extending its commitment to and collaboration with the United Kingdom by developing a UK-based initiative, namely SPSSI-UK. SPSSI-UK’s main goal is to increase the impact of social and behavioral science beyond academia and to inform public policy and debate in the UK. More specifically, with an eye to UK-based evidence and issues, SPSSI-UK aims to:

  • Foster collaborative research on social issues through dedicated events for academics, policy makers, and practitioners to share information, research, and ideas.
  • Encourage public education and evidence-based policy making, and producing coordinated and timely responses to social issues affecting the UK.
  • Challenge contemporary issues that extend beyond national borders or have no national boundaries.

SPSSI-UK is founded to provide an independent arena for social and behavioral scientists in the UK who are committed to increasing impact beyond academia and informing public policy and debate. SPSSI-UK will develop in accordance with SPSSI’s identity, aims and values, and is considered an important step towards seeing whether the SPSSI model can be further internationalized.

How to Get Involved

There are several ways that you can get involved with SPSSI-UK, for example, you can sign up for the development group, or you can submit UK commentary/endorsement on SPSSI policy briefs, fact-sheets and position statements concerning issues such as Immigration & Minorities, Education, GLBT, Interpersonal Violence, Health, Poverty & Unemployment etc.. A template for commentary/endorsements as well as additional information can be found here (under construction) and your contributions will be posted on this page.

SPSSI-UK is currently developing structures and strategies that will help bring social psychology research to bear on public policy in the UK. For instance, we are working on a framework that will allow us to efficiently and successfully manage policy initiatives and coordinate opportunities for SPSSI-UK members to share their expertise with policy makers in the UK. Please stay tuned for further information.

The University of Kent is sponsoring 10 graduate memberships of SPSSI and we encourage our other UK colleagues to do likewise because a key goal is to involve new researchers as early as possible. Cost for graduate student membership is $25 per year.

If you are interested in joining the Development Group or supporting SPSSI-UK in other ways, such as launching or running activities or having SPSSI-UK link with activities that are already being planned, please contact Natasha Ann Brigham.

To become a member of SPSSI-UK please register for SPSSI membership. Exclusive SPSSI-UK membership does not exist.


SPSSI-UK is currently developing 3 policy-focused conferences, which will be partly sponsored by SPSSI and take place in different regions of the United Kingdom. These meetings serve as the official launch of SPSSI-UK and will gather social scientists and policy specialists who share a common interest in linking theory and practice to address important social issues. 

SPSSI-UK Inaugural Symposium: ‘The Psychology if Equality, Security and Human Rights in the UK context’

SPSSI UK got off to a great start last week (07.20.2016) with a conference on ‘Equality, Security and Human Rights’ held at the University of Kent, Canterbury. The event, which happened on the hottest day of the year so far, was fully subscribed and was judged by all the participants to have been a great success.

The conference included senior policy experts and academics and focused on how to relate psychological knowledge to policy and practice in this area. Seven presentations were given by distinguished researchers from Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Kings, Kent, and Sheffield with significant experience in the psychology of - Terrorism and Defense -Prejudice, Diversity and Multiculturalism - The UK’s Position in Europe - Equality in Work and Education

Work will now begin on developing a policy briefing on the basis of the presentations and discussions. SPSSI-UK is now looking forward to its next two events, at Cardiff and Belfast.

For details and pictures from this event, please visit here.

A Cardiff University & SPSSI-UK Conference on “The Current Migration Crisis in Europe" was held at The Mercure Hotel in Cardiff, Wales (August 30-31, 2016).

It gathered distinguished social psychologists and policy specialists from the United Kingdom and Europe who discussed one of the most important social and policy issues facing the UK – the migration crisis in Europe – including the representation of migrants and asylum seekers in the media and public discourse, and how refugees emotionally integrate in societies.

Keynote presentations were given by Professor Batja Mesquita, Professor of Psychology at KU Leuven, Belgium, and Professor Steve Reicher, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of St Andrews.

A policy brief is underway as well as an article for The Psychologist.

The third SPSSI-UK event will explore how shared space can be used to promote respect and reconciliation and will take place at Queen’s University Belfast on December 2016 (date yet to be decided) in collaboration with The School of Psychology and Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice. Please stay tuned for further information.




Please help us by spreading the word about SPSSI-UK to your friends, colleagues and students!
SPSSI-UK’s Steering Committee


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