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Materials for Teaching about Social Issues

SPSSI has collected a wide range of teaching materials and resources that might prove helpful in designing and teaching courses focused on social issues. These materials are organized as Resources with subsections for: Web-based resources, syllabi, reading/video lists, and activities.  If you are interested in getting involved with developing this section of the SPSSI website, or adding materials to it, please contact Jamie Franco-Zamudio or Jessica Salvatore, current Co-Chairs of the Teaching and Mentoring Committee for SPSSI.

In addition, SPSSI, along with the Society for the Psychology of Women and the APA Office on Socioeconomic Status has released Resources for the Inclusion of Social Class in Psychology Curricula, a new teaching tool designed to encourage the incorporation of social class diversity into psychology education. This resource includes course syllabi, classroom exercises, scholarly books and articles, as well as examples using fiction and popular media. It is sure to prove useful for all psychology educators, including those teaching at the high school, college, and graduate school levels. You are invited to print your own copies and share them with your colleagues and students. Additionally, these materials will be updated periodically. Your suggestions and contributions for future editions are welcomed and appreciated. Access this teaching tool at