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SPSSI Webinars & Videos

SPSSI produces a range of webinars throughout the year and records many live events. Many of our webinars and live events are policy-focused, or feature research that has implications for policy. Read on for descriptions and links to our webinars and video recordings, all of which are available at:

Celebrating 85 Years of SPSSI: A Short Film

On a sunny August afternoon in the summer of 1986, more than 50 psychologists gathered in downtown Washington, DC to protest apartheid outside the South African Embassy. In this short film celebrating SPSSI’s 85th anniversary, learn about some of the scholar-activists who spearheaded SPSSI’s grassroots anti-apartheid work, how their journey to South Africa brought new understanding to their roles as scholar-activists within the psychology community, and how SPSSI's anti-apartheid work dovetailed with its undertaking to be recognized as an NGO with consultative status at the United Nations. Visit SPSSI's 85th Anniversary Film webpage to learn more about the film and to find a link to the film. 

The Fostering Policy-Relevant Policy Research Webinar Series

The 2023 Fostering Policy-Relevant Psychological Research series of five webinars (with accompanying toolkits) aim to demystify the process of conducting policy-relevant research for those people who are a) already doing it, b) interested in doing it, and c) mentoring and evaluating others who are doing it. Visit the SPSSI webpage for this series for links to each recorded webinar and links to sign up for future webinars. You will also find links to the accompanying toolkits on this webpage. 

Graduate Student Committee (GSC) Sponsored Webinars

SPSSI's Graduate Student Committee sponsors several webinars every year with themes that touch on a range of policy issues. Examples of webinars sponsored in the last several years include: 

-  Psychology Goes to Washington: Policy-Related Fellowships and Careers
-  A Review of Immigration Policy Reform from Applied and Empirical Perspectives
-  Public Reckoning with the Criminal Justice System: Mass Incarceration, Historical Injustice, & Healing

Visit SPSSI's YouTube channel and select the Graduate Student Committee Webinar Series playlist to see the full list of webinar offerings from SPSSI's GSC. 

UN Committee Livestreamed Side Events and Special Events

SPSSI has been represented as an NGO and has held consultative status with the UN's Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 1991 and has worked with the UN in one form or another for 75 years. SPSSI regularly hosts side events and other events at the UN, including a recent 75th anniversary event. Visit SPSSI's YouTube channel and select the Internationalization playlist to see the full list of recordings from SPSSI's UN Committee, in addition to other webinars that focus on topics of global interest. 

The Psychology of Colonial Violence Webinar Series

This webinar series features 15 presentations (organized into 5 installments) based on contributions to two special issues of the Journal of Social Issues (JSI) devoted to decolonial perspectives in/on psychology. The first two installments features 6 presentations that considered the psychology of colonial violence. The last three installments features 9 presentations that considered the coloniality of knowledge in hegemonic psychology. Visit SPSSI's Decolonial Perspectives webpage for more information about this series and links to all five recordings, which can also be found on SPSSI's YouTube channel. 

SPSSI's Academic YouTube Video Series

SPSSI's Academic YouTube Video Series features social and behavioral scientists talking about their research and the implications of their research for the broader public. Eleven of these short-form videos are now available and new videos are scheduled to be released. Visit SPSSI's YouTube channel and select our SPSSI Academic Videos playlist to watch these videos.

SPSSI Conference Video Recordings

SPSSI hosts an annual conference every summer. We post many of our keynote, Lewin, and Presidential addresses on SPSSI's YouTube channel, in addition to other conference content (e.g., a session highlighting SPSSI Teaching and Mentoring Awardees). Visit SPSSI's YouTube channel to browse through a variety of conference content from the last several years.