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SPSSI Awards & Grants

Please note: SPSSI does not provide any tuition support, scholarships, or financial aid.  Unless otherwise specified, international scholars are welcome to apply.

Below are links to SPSSI's paper awards and research grants. Click on the link for more details about each award/grant. Unless otherwise noted, the awards are appropriate for graduate-level academic work. Applicants to the Applied Social Issues Internship Program must be college seniors or above and have project proposals.


Applied Social Issue Internship
For research that is conducted in cooperation with a community or government organization, public interest group or other not-for-profit entity that will benefit directly from the project.

Action Teaching Awards
Honors innovative teaching that contributes to peace, social justice, and sustainable living at the same time that it educates students. Entries may include a high-impact student assignment, classroom activity, field experience, or web-based demonstration.

Action Teaching Grants
In support of innovative teaching that contributes to peace, social justice, and sustainable living at the same time that it educates students.

Clara Mayo Grants Program
In support of masters' theses and pre-dissertation research on sexism, racism, or prejudice.

Conference Travel Grants
To cover all conference-related expenses including conference registration, economy transportation, lodging, and approved food expenses.

Crosby-Spendlove Travel Grant
Given to a student to travel and cover expenses for the SPSSI Annual Conference in each year that the event falls.

Distinguished Service to SPSSI Award
Click here for a list of winners. 

Grants-in-Aid Program
In support of scientific research in social problem areas related to the basic interests and goals of SPSSI and particularly those that are not likely to receive support from traditional sources.

Gordon Allport Prize
An award is given to the best paper or article of the year on intergroup relations.

Innovative Teaching Award
An award is given innovative teaching in areas related to the psychological study of social issues. This award recognizes effective courses, assignments, or classroom activities addressing social issues.

Kurt Lewin Award
Presented annually for outstanding contributions to the development and integration of psychological research and social action.

Local- and State-Level Policy Work
To enable small groups of researchers to engage in policy work at the state or local levels.

Louise Kidder Early Career Award
To recognize social issues researchers who have made substantial contributions to the field early in their careers.

Lynn Stuart Weiss Lecture
An annual lecture given at the APA convention in memory of Lynn Stuart Weiss, a promising young scholar whose interests centered on the science and art of politics, with a focus on world law.

Michele Alexander Early Career Award
Awarded in recognition of early career excellence in scholarship as well as in service.

Otto Klineberg Award
An award is given to the best paper or article of the year on intercultural or international relations.

Outstanding Teaching & Mentoring Award
For outstanding teaching/mentoring in areas related to the psychological study of social issues.
SPSSI’s Researchers in the Global South (RGS Grants Program) is a unique funding opportunity for international members of SPSSI conducting research on social issues outside of the United States.

Social Issues Dissertation Award
For doctoral dissertations in psychology (or in a social science with psychological subject matter).

SAGES Grants Program
For retired SPSSI members to apply their knowledge to helping solve social problems or to assist policy makers to solve social problems.

SEAS Grants Program
Intended to promote awareness of SPSSI, to identify potential new members, and to promote SPSSI membership through small-scale events hosted by a member of the Society.

Speaker at the National Institute for Teaching of Psychology
Recipient will represent SPSSI as a speaker at the National Institute for Teaching of Psychology (NITOP).

Teaching Development Grants
Intended to provide networking opportunities, promote awareness of SPSSI, and increase SPSSI membership through support of small scale events, initiatives that enhance SPSSI membership or pre-conference smaller meetings related to the teaching of social justice issues

Teaching Resources Award
Award for teaching resources to reward innovative activities, assignments, and projects related to the psychological study of social issues

Two-Year College Teaching & Mentoring Excellence Award
Award recognizing the contributions of faculty at two-year institutions in furthering SPSSI's mission to advance the understanding of social issues. 


Carefully follow the instructions for submitting your application to ensure prompt processing.

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The American Psychological Foundation (APF) provides financial support to graduate students and psychologists for innovative research and programs that enhance the power of psychology to elevate the human condition and advance human potential both now and in generations to come. For information about grants available through APF, visit their website at