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Committees & Task Forces

The Society's affairs are administered in part by a number of standing committees with specialized responsibilities. Committee chairs are appointed by the president acting for the Council, and committee membership varies from year to year. The Council alone may create new  committees and disband those no longer needed.

SPSSI also relies on the contributions of "Task Forces", "Social Issues Committees", and "Ad Hoc Committees" for the advancement of our programs and mission.



Action Teaching Program (More)

Emily Leskinen (Chair)
Ben Blankenship


Nominations and Elections

Linda Silka (Chair)
Simon Howard 
Isabelle Clough
Alaina Brenick
Sohad Murrar
Phia Salter
David Caicedo
Anila Balkissoon


APA Program (2022)

Justin Preddie (Co-Chair)
Anthony Foster (Co-Chair)




Applied Social Issues Internship (More)

Nicole Sachs (Chair)
Maureen Kenny


Audit and Finance

Alaina Brenick (Chair)
Ryan Pickering
Delia Saenz
Sally Shumaker
Peggy Stockdale
Anila Balkissoon


Clara Mayo Grants (More)

Amanda Johnston (Chair)
Anthony Foster
Jacqueline Chen
Lindsey Nenadal






Ashley Votruba (Chair)
Courtney Bonam
Sarah Herrmann
Ana Urena Rosario
Alyssa Zucker


Cynthia Najdowski (Chair)
Jennifer Robbennolt
Marc Pearce
Cynthia Calkins Mercado
Kathy LaFortune
Jon Vallano

Distinguished Service to SPSSI

Ryan Pickering (Chair)
Jamie Franco
Jessica Salvatore




Phia Salter (Co-Chair)
David Caicedo (Co-Chair)
Bonita London
Veronica Acosta
Sarah Herrmann
David Marx
Jessica Cundiff


Early Career Scholars (More)

Simon Howard (Co-Chair)
Sohad Murrar (Co-Chair)
Angela Robinson
Gerald Higginbotham
Julian Rucker

     Graduate Students (More)
Chelsie Burchett (Chair-Elect/Chair)
Rachel Cook
Leslie Dunnigan
Chelsea Queen
Jacqueline Verrilli
Chongzheng Wei



Grants-In-Aids Award (More)

Tessa Dover (Chair)
Amy Smith
Amanda Fanniff
Kwan-Lamar Blounthill
  Gordon Allport Prize (More)

Stephanie Wright (Chair)
Andrew Stewart
Eric Hehman
Kerry Kawakami
  International Conference (More)

Colette Van Laar





Darlingtina Esiaka (Co-Chair)
Anjali Dutt (Co-Chair)
Rashmi Nair
Özge Savas
Radosveta Dimitrova
Lydia Wambugu
Bolglarka Nyul
  Kurt Lewin Award (More)

Michael Hogg (Chair)
Brad Bushman
Craig Anderson
Denise Sekaquaptewa

  Membership Minute Listserv Moderator

Sarah Mancoll




Louise Kidder Early Career Award (More

Mark Manning (Chair)
Angela Ebreo
Katie Edwards

  Marshall Scholar Committee (More)

Anila Balkissoon

Liz Sweigart
Catherine Cottrell
Nathan Cheek



New York Regional Group (More)

Harold Takooshian


Otto Klineberg Award (More)

TBD (Chair)
Nader Hakim
Patricio Morales
Jason Cantone



Teaching & Mentoring Committee (More)

Diane Hall (Co-Chair)
Carolyn Weisz (Co-Chair)
Emily Fisher
William Ryan
Azenett Garza




Policy (More)

Roxanne Moadel-Attie (Co-Chair)
Kevin Carriere
Abbey Mann
Shaun Wiley
Leo Wilton
Sarah Mancoll


  Publications (More)

Geoff Maruyama (Co-Chair)
Desdamona Rios (Co-Chair)
Luis Rivera
Jessica Salvatore
  Publications Subcommittee
Geoff Maruyama (Co-Chair)
Luis Rivera (Co-Chair)
Jessica Salvatore
NiCole Buchanan 




SAGES Grants Program (More)

Irene Frieze (Chair)
Moshe Landsman
Michele Wittig

Social Issues Dissertation Award (More

Blake Ebright (Chair)
Jenny Patterson
Lisa Lockhart
Veronica Costa

SPSSI Administrative Handbook

Linda Silka





SPSSI Fellows (More)

Louis Medvine (Chair)
Linda Berg-Cross
Megan Kelly


SPSSI 2023 Conference Co-Chairs

Apryl Alexander
Benjamin Blankenship

  Dalmas A. Taylor Fellowship (More)

Sarah Mancoll



Teaching Resources Award Selection Committee
Jamie Hughes
Grace Srigley
  United Nations (More)

David Livert (Chair)
Harold Cook
Joseph Demeyer
Corann Okorodudu
Sheri Levy
Laurel Peterson
Deborah Fish Ragin
Rachel Ravich
Pete Walker
Yasmin Hussein (Intern)
Anni Sternisko (Intern)
Laura Lopez-Aybar (Intern)
Alison Goldberg (Intern)
  2023 Weiss Lecturer Selection
Jamie Franco (Chair)
David Caicedo
Susan Opotow
Division 9 Liaison to APA
Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA)

Ahmar Zaman
  SPSSI History Committee
Liz Sweigert (Chair)
Kwan-Lamar Blount-Hill
Angela Ebreo