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Committees & Task Forces

The Society's affairs are administered in part by a number of standing committees with specialized responsibilities. Committee chairs are appointed by the president acting for the Council, and committee membership varies from year to year. The Council alone may create new  committees and disband those no longer needed.

SPSSI also relies on the contributions of "Task Forces", "Social Issues Committees", and "Ad Hoc Committees" for the advancement of our programs and mission.

APA/SPSSI Nominations and Elections
Stephanie Fryberg (Co-Chair)


APA Program (2021)
David Buck (Co-Chair)
Adrian Villicana (Co-Chair)


Asia Eaton (Co-Chair)

Applied Social Issues Internship (More)
Lindsay Phillips (Chair)


Audit and Finance
Richard Wiener



Dalmas A. Taylor Fellowship
Sarah Mancoll

  United Nations (More)
David Livert

  Distinguished Service to SPSSI
David Livert (Chair)

NiCole Buchanan (Co-Chair)


Early Career Scholars (More)
Adriana Espinosa (Co-Chair)
Emily Fisher (Co-Chair)


     Graduate Students (More)
Obiageli Uguru (Chair)

Grants-In-Aids Award (More)
Tessa Dover (Chair)

  Gordon Allport Prize (More)
Oliver Christ (Chair)

  International Conference (More)
Colette Van Laar

Phia Salter (Co-Chair)

  Kurt Lewin Award (More)
Brad Bushman (Chair)

  Listserv Moderator
Sarah Mancoll

Louise Kidder Early Career Award 
Mark Manning (Chair)

  Marshall Scholar Committee (More)
Anila Balkissoon

Kristin Dukes (Co-Chair)
TBD (Co-Chair)
New York Regional Group (More)
Harold Takooshian


Otto Klineberg Award (More)
Markus Kemmelmeier (Chair)


Teaching & Mentoring Committee (More)
Danielle Dickens (Co-Chair)
Sahana Muhkerjee (Co-Chair)


Policy (More)
Patrick Grzanka (Co-Chair)
Jessica Saunders (Co-Chair)


  Publications (More)
Geoff Maruyama (Co-Chair)
Chris Crandall (Co-Chair)

  SAGES Grants Program (More)
Irene Frieze (Chair)


Social Issues Dissertation Award 
Lori Holleran (Chair)


  SPSSI Administrative Handbook
Wendy R. Williams

  SPSSI Fellows (More)
Laurence French (Chair)


Clara Mayo Grants (More)
Ella Ben Hagai (Chair)


SPSSI 2021 Virtual Conference
Dr. Alaina Brenick (Co-Chair)
Dr. Andrea Miller (Co-Chair)
Dr. Roxanne Moadel-Attie (Co-Chair)