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Diane Hall


Carolyn Weisz

      Azenett Garza Caballero   Emily Fisher   William S. Ryan 






Awards and Grants

SPSSI recognizes and supports justice-oriented teaching and mentoring through a variety of awards and grants. You can find information about programs, application guidelines and deadlines, and committee members by clicking on the button to the left.




Teaching Resources

SPSSI has collected a wide range of teaching materials and resources that might prove helpful in designing and teaching courses focused on social issues. These materials are organized as Resources with subsections for: Syllabi, Activities, and Web-based activities.

Submitting New Teaching Resources

If you have teaching resources you would be interested in sharing on the SPSSI website, please submit that using the Google Form linked to the tab to the left. Teaching resources can include syllabi, demos, activities, assignments, and more. We welcome a wide variety of submissions with a particular interest in resources that emphasize social and environmental justice, experiential learning, and action teaching.