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Welcome to the Graduate Student Committee’s page!

SPSSI provides an intellectual home for students who value the importance of applying psychology to pressing social issues. We connect in person at conferences and also online on our Facebook page and LinkedIn. We also aim to provide student members with resources to navigate graduate school and transition into your career.

A SPSSI membership not only provides you with access to conferences, journals, and awards. It also supports SPSSI’s great work  at the United Nations and on Capital Hill, where we bring empirically sound research findings to bear on public policy.

We welcome you to get involved in our work. Please contact the current GSC Chair.

2018-19 GSC Committee

Angela Robinson
University of California, Irvine

Jaboa Lake
Portland University

Kevin Carriere
Academic Focus
Georgetown University
Nuha Alshabani
Policy & Applied Work
The University of Akron         




Benjamin Blankenship
Membership Coordinator
University of Michigan

Christina Lapytskaia
Communications Focus
York University

Darlingtina Atakere
Diversity Focus    
University of Kansas