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Past SPSSI Interns


Kayla McAlindin, George Washington University: My internship at SPSSI fostered my interest in psychology, social issues, and public policy and has revealed to me how interconnected these areas truly are.  I have acquired valuable administrative, research, and editing experience necessary for success in my future career. Additionally, the Central Office staff is incredibly supportive and working alongside them has provided me with insight on the inner workings of a non-profit organization.  I would recommend a SPSSI internship to anyone interested in the practical application of psychological concepts.

Cody McNamara, UCLA: Each day at SPSSI was a day in an engaging environment where I was constantly exposed to new information and research on a variety of political issues. As an intern there I was able to grow and hone my work skills with the help of an extremely friendly and supportive staff. Working there was also very rewarding as I was able to help psychologists and other social scientists’ valuable research make an impact on policy making. I would highly recommend interning at SPSSI to anyone interested in the intersection of research and politics.

Kristina Carter, Berea College: My experience at SPSSI helped me connect the dots between psychology research and the creation of policy. On the way I learned new administrative and research skills as well as the ways in which NGOs work to influence legislation. I recommend a SPSSI internship to anyone interested in the social sciences, political involvement, or future work involving social change. My internship with SPSSI gave me new insights into those areas and exposed me to opportunities I would have otherwise remained unaware of.

Jaclyn Escudero, George Washington University: As a student living in Washington, D.C. and having experience in health care, my internship at SPSSI showed me how behind-the-scenes research influences the policies that affect our health and other aspects of our daily lives, including education and human rights. SPSSI is a great support system for researchers in a variety of fields and an even better environment for members and interns like myself to share their thoughts.

Alexa Burton, George Washington University:  Interning at SPSSI provided me with a greater understanding of the value of applying psychological research to public policy. My experience at SPSSI helped develop my academic interests, and I would highly recommend an internship to anyone interested in psychology or policy.


Elliot Fox, UCLA: While I was an intern with SPSSI I was able to attend policy events in DC, Congressional hearings on the Hill, in addition to researching areas of psychology and public policy that were interesting to me. It was an amazing experience interning with an organization that is trying to make a difference on many important social issues. 



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