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Email Archive - SPSSI's April Policy Update

SPSSI's April Policy Update

SPSSI Policy Update

Call for papers: American Psychologist

Call for Papers: Public Psychology: Cultivating Socially Engaged Science for the 21st Century. American Psychologist invites submissions for a special issue on psychology’s role in social transformation, including research, advocacy, and practice that foregrounds psychologists’ roles as agents of positive social change. IMPORTANT DATES: 2-page abstract due: May 1, 2020. Invitation to submit a full-length manuscript will be sent: June 1, 2020. Deadline for manuscript submission based on approved abstracts: September 1, 2020.

A man in a tent stands among other shelters belonging to people experiencing homelessness in Washington, DC, February 2020.

SPSSI member Jaboa Lake on homelessness and COVID-19. In a March 18, 2020 piece, Jaboa Lake of the Center for American Progress wrote: "During this unsure and rapidly changing public health landscape, individuals and families experiencing homelessness are especially vulnerable due to lack of access to medical resources, stable shelter, and reliable and rapid communication." In the piece, she makes a number of recommendations for policymakers, including: 1) Prioritize permanent housing placements for individuals and families; 2) Provide resources for emergency shelters and access to isolation centers; and 3) Increase outreach and assistance for unsheltered individuals. (Photo: Getty/Valery Sharifulin/TASS)


American Psychological Association. APA has compiled resources for students, faculty, psychologists, supervisors, trainees, and high school teachers of psychology. Current resources include an article on "Combating bias and stigma related to COVID-19" and an article entitled "How leaders can maximize trust and minimize stress during the COVID-19 pandemic."

National Institutes of Health. NIH has issued information for NIH applicants and recipients, as well as information on COVID-19 research opportunities and research findings. 

National Science Foundation. NSF has released a number of "Dear Colleague" letters related to proposals, awards, RFPs specific to COVID-19, and responses to frequently asked questions. 

American Association for the Advancement of Science. AAAS has created a resource page addressing the specific challenges to human rights in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out, for example, their syllabi on health and human rights, public health, medicine, and medical ethics. 

SPSSI staff and past presidents at the 2017 March for Science in Washington, DC

What does it mean to do social justice work in the time of pandemic? SPSSI members are regularly asking questions, calling the status quo into question, evaluating our priorities as a society, advocating for change, instructing the next generation, and inspiring action. We do this by coming together, by collectively raising consciousness, and by being there for one another. So how do we do this work now—how do we make sure that our social justice work continues even as we hunker down? Share your thoughts with the SPSSI community on Twitter or Facebook