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SPSSI maintains an electronic discussion list, SPSSI-List. Participants, both SPSSI members and non-members, generate discussion and debate about social issues, use the list as a resource for making connections or finding research sources, and post announcements of opportunities and events. To post, participants send a message to the SPSSI-List address, and their message is distributed via e-mail to everyone on the list to read and reply, either to the whole list or to the individual.

To subscribe, send an email to with the command subscribe SPSSI Firstname Lastname in the body of the message (leave the Subject line blank). You should then receive a message confirming your subscription. When you subscribe, make sure you use the same email account to send the message as the one where you wish to receive listserv messages. After you have subscribed, you can post messages for everyone to read on the listserve by sending them to Finally, if you decide to leave the listserv at some point, then send an email to with the command signoff SPSSI in the body of the message (leave the Subject line blank). Note that the listserv is open to everyone, whether they belong to SPSSI or not, and that its contents are moderated to ensure high quality and minimize problems.

If you have questions, or would like something forwarded to the SPSSI-L, but not join, please e-mail SPSSI Central Office with your request.

To read the Listserv rules and regulations, please click here