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Documents and Forms Needed for Nominees
Who Are Already Fellows of APA

APA-SPSSI Fellows Checklist (MS Word Document): A Checklist of APA and SPSSI requirements for Fellow status.

Nominee's Self-Statement: This sets forth your accomplishments supporting your nomination. (Recommended maximum length: 1000 words.)

Curriculum Vitae, with your refereed publications marked in margin with "R" (for refereed).

Other Supporting Documentation: Any additional information that you believe will help your nomination.

Optional (but encouraged) Letters of Support: For SPSSI members who are already Fellows of APA, letters of support are optional, but encouraged. If you decide to submit one or more letters, your endorsers should be current Fellows of APA or SPSSI (this can include SPSSI Fellows who are not members of APA) who are supporting your nomination. No special forms are required but you may provide yor endorser(s) with the Fellow Status Evaluation Worksheet and the Manual for Nominating Fellows of APA. Use the Instructions to Endorsers to give your endorsers information about how to submit their letters.