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Reports from Council

Publication Committee Report

by Janet Swim

Sheri Levy Selected as the Next Editor of the Journal of Social Issues

SPSSI is pleased to announce that Sheri Levy will be the next editor of the Journal of Social Issues.  Dr. Levy is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Dr. Levi will be handling new submissions starting June 1, 2008.  The first issues that she manages will appear in the January, 2010 issue.

Dr. Levy’s has a good sense of the SPSSI mission and how the Journal of Social Issues fits into this mission.  Moreover, her research is consistent with the types of research that many SPSSI members conduct and the types of articles that are found in the Journal of Social Issues.  In general, she is interested in the ways that basic and applied work can inform each other.   Additionally, her research is interdisciplinary as shown by her work with others from many different fields including social psychology, developmental psychology, education, political science and sociology.

Dr. Levy’s past experience editing a book and several special issues for different journals, including the Journal of Social Issues, will aid her as an editor of the Journal of Social Issues.  She has plans to use this experience to help issue editors and authors through the process of submitting proposals to completion of an issue.

For information about the Journal of Social Issues, please go to the SPSSI web page ( where you will find links to descriptions of the journal and links to descriptions about how to develop a special issue for the Journal of Special Issues.

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