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Rick H. Hoyle, Editor, 2006-2009

Update on the Journal of Social Issues

The 2008 volume of JSI is coming together nicely. The first issue is in print, and the second issue, edited by Zick, Pettigrew, and Wagner, will appear in print toward the end of May. A well-timed issue on democracy and disenfranchisement, edited by Kevin Lanning, will go out around the middle of August. The final issue of the year, edited by Ruck and Horn, is on children’s rights. Look for this issue to arrive in the mail before Thanksgiving. You can determine the topic and editorial team for any issue in development by consulting the JSI pages on the SPSSI web site. Access this information by navigating to the SPSSI homepage (, clicking over the “Publications” button, and choosing “Journal of Social Issues” under the “Journals” heading.

Status of JSI Issues

In Press Issues

2008, No. 2: Ethnic Prejudice and Discrimination in Europe
 Andreas Zick, Thomas F. Pettigrew, & Ulrich Wagner

2008, No. 3: Democracy and Disenfranchisement
 Kevin Lanning

2008, No. 4: Young People’s Perspectives on the Rights of the Child: Implications for Theory, Research, and Practice
 Martin D. Ruck & Stacey S. Horn

2009, No. 1: The Landscape of Multiracial Experiences
 Diana T. Sanchez & Margaret J. Shih

Issues in Development

Social Stigma and Social Disadvantage
 Manuela Barreto & Naomi Ellemers

Intragroup Conflict and Cooperation
 Alexander W. Chizhik, Robert K. Shelly, & Lisa Troyer

Immigrants and Hosts: Perceptions, Interactions, and Transformations
 Kay Deaux, Victoria Esses, Richard Lalonde, & Rupert Brown

The Changing Landscape of Intergroup Relations in South Africa
 Gillian Finchilescu & Colin Tredoux

The Social and Psychological Dynamics of Collective Action: From Theory and Research to Policy and Practice
 Aarti Iyer & Martijn van Zomeren

New Perspectives on Human-Animal Interactions: Theory, Policy, and Research
 Sarah Knight & Harold A. Herzog

International Perspectives on Political Socialization and Gender
 Hans Peter Kuhn, Angela Ittel, Connie Flanagan, & Lonnie Sherrod 

Latinos and Latino Immigrants in the U.S.
 Carey S. Ryan & Juan F. Casas

Consider editing or co-editing an issue of JSI yourself. Detailed information about proposing an issue can be found on the Web at Please contact me ( with your ideas for issues of JSI that you or someone else might edit.

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