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Publication News

by Geoffrey Maruyama, Editor

Update on Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy

ASAP has been following what seems to have become a fairly regular schedule of submissions and reviews.  We have 25+ submissions so far this year, including a few for a follow-up to our Katrina special issue.  Reviews of the papers on impacts of the hurricanes are being handled by Janet Ruscher and Laurie O'Brien, both from Tulane University.   ASAP also is considering a series of papers on college intergroup relations programs.  If readers of this column have data documenting successes and challenges of such programs, they should contact me.  I expect a timeline that would pull together papers on inter-group relations programs for this year's volume, so papers would need to be pulled together quickly.

The book review section is going very well under the guidance of book review editor Peggy Stockdale of Southern Illinois University.  As always, ASAP is looking for strong papers that apply social science, and particularly psychological, research and theory to address issues of policy and practice. Individuals interested in reviewing papers for ASAP should contact me with information about their areas of expertise.  This year we have received a substantial number of submissions on issues tied to abortion, so reviewers in that area are particularly welcome.

Thanks to SPSSI and my many colleagues who have generously shared their time as reviewers for their support of ASAP.

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