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Advancing Our Communities: 
The Role of Social Justice in Multicultural Psychology

New Orleans, Louisiana
Sheraton New Orleans Hotel
January 15-16, 2009

The 2009 National Multicultural Conference and Summit (NMCS) will convene students, practitioners, and scholars in psychology and related fields to inform and inspire multicultural theory, research, and practice. We envision multiculturalism as inclusive of experiences related to ethnicity/race, sexual orientation, gender, physical ability, social class, age, and other social identities. The conference theme promotes social justice and psychological well-being for historically marginalized communities, and explores links and tensions between social justice and multicultural psychology.  
We are accepting proposals for symposia, workshops, and posters.  Acceptable proposals may address theory, research, and/or practice issues.  All proposals will be peer-reviewed with attention to a balance of topics, diversity dimensions, emphasis areas, and applied aspects (e.g., skills-based presentations).  Proposals will be rated in part by how they relate to the conference theme and include the intersection of identities or multiple identities.  Proposals for individual papers will not be accepted. 
Proposals may address any area related to the theme, Advancing Our Communities: The Role of Social Justice in Multicultural Psychology, including the following:

  1. Intersections and applications of multicultural research, practice, and training as they relate to the advancement of social justice.
  2. Emerging and evidence-based interventions for historically marginalized individuals, groups, and communities.
  3. Theory, research, or practice of social justice within a multicultural context.
  4. Practice, research, and/or training related to multiple identities and multiple oppressions. 
  5. Future issues related to multicultural competency, especially related to social justice in historically marginalized communities.


All conference proposals are being accepted online through the NMCS website at:
No hard copy proposals will be accepted.  All proposals must follow the format stipulated on the website.  See NMCS 2009 Submission Guidelines for more details.
Due Date for All Conference Proposals is:        May 23, 2008 by 11:59pm (EDT).

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