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Number 235
Spring, 2008                                                              Printer friendly page

President's Column:

Daniel Perlman

  Whence and Whither SPSSI II: Your Input Wanted!
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  by Daniel Perlman, SPSSI President


Editor's Column:

Richard WienerThe Forward’s International Focus
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by Richard Wiener, Forward Editor


Regular Columns and Reports:

Rick H. Hoyle

 Update on the Journal of Social Issues
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 by Rick H. Hoyle, JSI Editor, 2006-2009

Geoffrey Maruyama

 Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy
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 by Geoffrey Maruyama, ASAP Editor

Sheri Levy Selected as the Next Editor of the Journal of Social Issues

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by Janet Swim, Publications Committee Co-Chair

James Marshall Scholar Report:

Carrie Langner Highlights from a Year in Washington
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 by Carrie Langner, James Marshall Scholar


News from SPSSI International:

Collective identities and intergroup emotions predicting positive intergroup attitudes in political groups in Chile
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by Roberto Gonzalez, Escuela de Psicología, P. Universidad Católica de Chile

Identity and Norms Down Under: My Research in Prejudice, Conflict, and Health in Australia
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by Winnifred Louis, School of Psychology, University of Queensland

Refugee realities: The view from Australia
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by Nick Haslam, University of Melbourne

Conference News:

APA 2008
by Ray Paloutzian
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APA Summit on Violence and Abuse in Relationship: Connecting Agendas and Forging New Directions
by Keith E. Davis, Ph. D.
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Calls for Papers

National Multicultural Conference and Summit 2009
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Symposium on Family Issues: Penn State
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by Carolyn Scott

Other News:

SPSSI Election Results
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Book Annoucement: Workplace Chemistry:  Promoting Diversity though Organizational Change
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The SPSSI-New York Regional Group Report
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by Harold Takooshian

Clara Mayo Grant Report

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by Wendy R. Williams

In Memoriam

Ralph White Obituary
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by Daniel Perlman

Joseph Veroff: A Celebration of Life
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by Toni Antonucci