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SPSSI Books Editor

  Dr. Daniel Perlman is a Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  After completing his doctoral degree in social psychology at the Claremont Graduate University with former SPSSI President Stuart Oskamp as his advisor, Dan was on faculty at the Universities of Manitoba and British Columbia.  He has been a long-time active member of SPSSI, first being elected to SPSSI Council in 1977 and then serving in a number of roles (SPSSI Council 1982-84, Publication Committee Co-chair, Convention Program Chair, JSI Editor, Secretary-Treasurer and President).  Dan’s scholarly activities have focused on close relationships, especially loneliness.  He has edited or co-authored over a dozen books including three editions of the text, Intimate Relationships (McGraw-Hill), the Cambridge Handbook of Personal Relationships andLoneliness:  A sourcebook of current theory, research, and therapy.  Besides being editor of JSI, he has served as editor or co-editor of three other journals.  He has held multiple university administrative positions and been President of the International Association of Relationship Research (IARR) as well as the Canadian Psychological Association.