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Update on the Journal of Social Issues

  by Rick H. Hoyle, JSI Editor, 2006-2009

Perhaps you have heard by now that the next Editor of JSI has been chosen. Sheri Levy’s four- year term begins in 2010. On June 1, 2008, Sheri formally assumed the position of Editor-elect, meaning that she has taken over managing editorship of all issues in progress that will not appear in print during my term as Editor and that she is receiving all new proposals. The time required to develop an issue of JSI ? from preliminary proposal, to formal proposal, to draft manuscripts, to final product — varies greatly but is rarely less than 18 months. The 18-month overlap in editors’ terms ensures that issues of the journal will be ready for publication by the time Sheri and her editorial board assume responsibility for the contents.

The final five issues that will appear in print during my term are coming together nicely. Three are officially in press, which means you can contact the issue editors now for preprints of articles. Here are the titles and editors of those issues:

2008, No. 4: Young People’s Perspectives on the Rights of the Child: Implications for Theory, Research, and Practice
Martin D. Ruck & Stacey S. Horn

2009, No. 1: The Landscape of Multiracial Experiences
Diana T. Sanchez & Margaret J. Shih

2009, No. 2: Intragroup Conflict and Cooperation
Alexander W. Chizhik, Robert K. Shelly, & Lisa Troyer

Although not yet in press, the final two issues of 2009 have been approved and are in the final stages of editing. Iyer and van Zomeren are putting the final touches on their edited collection, “The Social and Psychological Dynamics of Collective Action: From Theory and Research to Policy and Practice.” Knight and Herzog are completing work on their issue, “New Perspectives on Human-Animal Interactions: Theory, Policy, and Research.”

The current issue of JSI, “Democracy and Disenfranchisement,” is timely and illustrates well the value and relevance of SPSSI’s publications. We are indebted to the issue editor, Kevin Lanning, and his contributors for keeping development of the issue on a schedule that ensured its publication just prior to the presidential election.

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