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Editor’s Column:

   by Richard L. Wiener, Forward Editor 
   University of Nebraska at Lincoln


Announcing the New Editors of the Forward

I have served happily as the Editor of the Forward for the last three years, focusing my efforts on gathering policy-related articles and articles on SPSSI activities outside of North America. Erin Richter, my graduate assistant, and I have enjoyed editing the newsletter and in that way assisting our organization in meeting its goals and objectives. My term as Editor is now over, and SPSSI President Susan Opotow has appointed Naomi Hall and Jon Iuzzini as the new co-editors. In fact, Naomi and Jon have assisted in putting together this, our final edition of the Forward. Erin and I plan to work closely with the new editors on the Winter 2009 newsletter.

During my term, we published a number of articles emphasizing SPSSI’s policy role in North America and other areas of SPSSI activity around the globe. We also made great strides in making the Forward an electronic newsletter. I am sure that Naomi and Jon will continue in the long tradition of our organization’s newsletter and publish an interesting set of editions. I look forward to seeing how the newsletter develops and watching the direction that it takes under the new editors. I wish them success at as their terms begin.

I want to thank the executive committees that have contributed to the newsletters that I have edited, and I especially wish to thank Erin Richter for all her work on the Forward.  

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Message from the Incoming Co-Editors, Naomi Hall & Jon Iuzinni

We are both very excited at this opportunity to serve as co-editors of the Forward. Over the next three years, we hope to continue the tradition of highlighting activities and providing information of interest to SPSSI members nationally and internationally. In keeping with the commitment to social justice and inclusiveness that SPSSI is known for, we plan to introduce some new features. One of these features will shine a spotlight on research conducted by faculty from underrepresented groups, as well as faculty at Minority-Serving Institutions. This new feature will continue the trend to celebrate the diverse characteristics and interests of SPSSI members that Rich Wiener spoke of in the Winter 2008 issue. We thank Rich for his work over the past three years as the editor of the Forward, and we are excited to continue and build on the great strides the newsletter has made under his guidance.

Please do not hesitate to contact either of us with ideas for new features in the newsletter. We hope that you enjoy reading the Forward and that the information we provide helps you to maximize your membership in this great organization. We look forward to working with you!

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