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Number 238
Summer, 2009
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President's Column

What’s Happening at SPSSI: Projects, Transitions, and the Spirit of Participation

by Susan Opotow, SPSSI President 2008-2009
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Editors' Column

This Edition of Forward

by Naomi M. Hall and Jonathan Iuzzini, Forward co-Editors
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Report from the SPSSI Central Office

One Page at a Time: Bridging the Science-to-Policy Information Gap

by Susan Dudley, SPSSI Executive Director
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Partnering on Social Issues for Social Change

by Michaela Hynie, 2009 APA Program Chair
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Science in Transition at the Local Level

by Richard Weiner, University of Nebraska
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Summary of the Judicial Notebook Column

by Eve Brank, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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National Partnerships to End Interpersonal Violence across the Lifespan Think Tank
by Keith Davis, University of South Carolina
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UN and International Issues Committee: Report on Durban II

by Astrid Stuckelberger, SPSSI UN Geneva Representative
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Early Career Scholars' Update

by Jeannetta WilliamsSt. Edward’s University
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Emerging Scholars' Column

Investigating Intergroup Relations, Well-Being, and Health Disparities

by Lisa MolixTulane University
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Washington Updates

An Advocacy Overview

by Christopher Woodside, SPSSI Policy Coordinator
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James Marshall Public Policy Scholar's Update

by Jutta Tobias, James Marshall Public Policy Scholar
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APA Council Reports

Report on meeting of APA Council of Representatives
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Working Behind the Scenes at APA Council of Representatives
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by Allen Omoto and Maureen O'Connor
Division 9 Representatives to APA COR



New York SPSSI Activies: Spring/Summer 2009

by Harold Takooshian, Fordham University
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Beatrice Wright to receive Kurt Lewin Award
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Diversity Travel Award Update
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Gordon Allport Award Update
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Otto Klineberg Award Update
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SAGES Grant Update
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Clara Mayo Grant Update
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Publications Update

by Irene Frieze and Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton,
Publications Committee co-Chairs
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Journal of Social Issues

by Sheri Levy, JSI Editor
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ASAP: Kevin Lanning Selected as New Editor

by Rhoda Unger, Selection Committee Chair
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Social Issues Policy Review (SIPR)

by Vicki Esses and Jack Dovidio, SIPR co-Editors
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Other News

Elections 2009
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Join in SPSSI's 75th Anniversary Preparations!
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SPSSI welcomes 2009 Dalmas Taylor Intern and Central Office Summer Intern
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Call for Papers: The Journal of Managerial Psychology
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