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Editors' Column

by Naomi Hall & Jon Iuzzini, co-Editors


For many of us who work in academic settings, summer is a time to step back for a moment, take stock of our recent accomplishments, and set goals for the coming months. There is clearly excitement growing among SPSSI’s members about becoming more involved than ever in impacting public policy. SPSSI has wonderful resources available for anyone who wants to become more involved with this work. In this issue of the Forward, Chris Woodside (Policy Coordinator) and Susan Dudley (Executive Director) provide a wealth of information that will be of great use to us all, regardless of how much prior experience one has with policy work. In addition, Council member (and former Forward Editor) Richard Wiener has contributed a great overview of policy work he has been doing at the University of Nebraska.


Summer can also be a time to visit with colleagues and friends at conferences, and to consider what new directions we might want to take in our teaching, our scholarship, and in how we engage with our professional and local communities. To that end, we note that this issue of the Forward features a report from Michaela Hynie, SPSSI’s 2009 APA Program Chair. As we write this, the APA Convention in Toronto is less than two months away – we hope to see many of you there!


We are grateful to Lisa Molix of TulaneUniversity for contributing our second Emerging Scholars column, entitled “Investigating Intergroup Relations, Well-being, and Health Disparities.” As we noted in the Winter/Spring Forward, we intend for this new feature to highlight the scholarship, teaching, and/or editorial commentary of a junior scholar. We received a great deal of positive feedback on the inaugural column authored by William Davis Jr. in the Winter/Spring issue, and we know that you will find Lisa’s contribution of great interest, too.



Finally, we wish to thank everyone who contributed to this issue of the newsletter. 

We hope that you enjoy reading it, and we encourage you to send us any comments or suggestions at


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