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SPSSI is turning 75!

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“Nothing is so practical as a good party” (Lewin, revised!)


In 2011, SPSSI will be 75 years old. And we’re having a party!


In anticipation of this auspicious milestone, the SPSSI 75th Anniversary Committee, chaired by Michelle Fine, and the SPSSI History Task Force, chaired by SPSSI Historian Alexandra Rutherford, are planning a three-year arc of events. The events start this year, with a SPSSI Hospitality Suite at the APA convention in Toronto and a SPSSI history symposium during the convention on Saturday, August 8th, from 11-12:50 (room 202A of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre). The celebration continues in 2010 at SPSSI’s stand-alone conference in New Orleans, with previews of interviews, papers on the history of SPSSI and performances by SPSSI members and youth on the history and contemporary conditions of “Who Cares?” about social justice. The arc will complete its trajectory in a spectacular day of scholarship, celebration, and an evening gala in Washington, DC in August of 2011.


We need your help as we prepare for the celebration. Specifically, we need two kinds of help:


PHOTOS: We are conducting a 75th Anniversary Photo Recovery Project to help ensure that the vibrant visual history of SPSSI and its members is preserved, and to help us produce materials for the celebration. If you have any photos of yourselves, any other SPSSI members, SPSSI events, memorabilia, trips, meetings, and/or conferences, please send them to us! The older the photo the better, but more recent photos are welcomed as well. Additionally, if you have in your own collection an interesting SPSSI-related object or artifact, take a photo of yourself with it and send it in with a description or narrative about the artifact. You can either scan and e-mail them to, or you can send them by regular mail whereupon we will scan them and ensure their safe return. Please include identifying information and actual or approximate dates.


TALENTS: In anticipation of the 2011 gala, we know that within the SPSSI community there are closet (and out) songwriters, dancers, skit writers, limerick creators, poets, dancers, comedians eager to join the 75th Anniversary Performance Committee.  Please contact Michelle Fine [] to volunteer your talents.


We thank you in anticipation of your generosity!!


Send photos to:                         Anniversary Committee Contact:

Alexandra Rutherford                Michelle Fine                                                   

SPSSI Historian                        Chair of the 75th Anniversary Committee

Dept. of Psychology        

York University

4700 Keele St.

Toronto, ON

Canada  M3J 1P3


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