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New York SPSSI activities, fall 2010
By Harold Takooshian

Once again in fall 2010, thanks to the webpage crafted by Brad Sickels, the 400 members of New York SPSSI (SPSSI-NY) were notified of several free and timely activities arranged in concert with other groups, and kindly hosted by local institutions—Fordham, Lander, Touro, United Nations.

1. On September 27, 20 students and faculty participated in a lively forum on “History of psychology in New York City,” featuring 5 experts: Mark Mattson, Harold Takooshian, FlorenceL. Denmark, Henry Solomon, Robert W. Rieber.  This preceded a City-wide workshop of 15 NYC historians and students, to discuss the 75th anniversary of SPSSI activities in NYC in 2011.

2. On October 4 at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in Manhattan, SPSSI-NY partnered with the UN Committee on Human Settlements to offer the 2010 World Habitat Day forum in New York City. The session was organized by Jerry Cammarata and Harold Takooshian, chaired by Touro CEO Jay S. Sexter, and featured 10 experts discussing the 2010 theme, “Better cities, better lives.”

3. On October 20 at Fordham University, 60 faculty, students, and United Nations reps convened at Fordham for the annual forum on “International psychology,” featuring a panel of experts on diverse topics: Elaine P. Congress, Harold Takooshian, Fleur Eshghi, Levi Bautista, Jeffrey Huffines, Kelly J. Roberts, Richard S. Velayo, Sharon Panulla, Elizabeth Brown.

4. On November 4 at Fordham, 30 students joined the annual symposium on “Graduate School Admissions in Psychology,” featuring several experts: Viany Orozco, Margo Masi, Jazmen Benitez, Mark E. Mattson, David S. Malcolm, Harold Takooshian, Fred Wertz, Karen Siedlecki, David Glenwick.

5. Also on November 4 at Fordham, 30 students joined Ronald G. Shapiro of Providence RI, for a hands-on workshop on “Games to explain human factors.”

6. On November 7, 110 people convened at Touro’s Lander College for Women in Manhattan for the annual SPSSI-NY conference—the 22nd Greater New York Conference on Behavioral Research—a full day of 41 research presentations in 12 panels, followed by student research awards and a reception with three guests of honor.  Conference organizers were Nava Silton, Harold Takooshian, Arthur Sullivan, Louis Primavera.  Thanks to APS Director Alan Kraut, all student presenters, on request, received a free year of membership in the Association for Psychological Science (APS).

7. On November 15 at Fordham, a two-hour Skype session bridged “Psychology in Russia and the USA. It linked 10 faculty/students in New York City with 100 in Moscow.  The session was led in NYC by Henry Solomon, and in Moscow by Alexander Voronov.

Looking ahead to spring 2011, SPSSI-NY plans more historical and other activities, in concert with other local groups.  These include the 39th Hunter College Psychology Convention on April 10 (, and 19th PaceUniversity Psychology Conference on May 14 (

The SPSSI-NY Planning Committee for fall of 2010: Jazmen Benitez (Fordham), Jerry Cammarata (Touro), Rien Chy (Fordham), Elaine P. Congress (Fordham), Fleur Eshghi (Fordham), Dominick Fortugno (Touro), Mark Mattson (Fordham), Rivka B. Meir (CUNY), Viany Orozco (, Louis Primavera (Touro), Jay S. Sexter (Touro), Nava Silton (Marymount), Henry Solomon (Marymount), Arthur P. Sullivan (Touro), Alexander Voronov (Moscow), Jason Young (Hunter).Direct any questions or comments to SPSSI-NY Chairperson Harold Takooshian,


PHOTO CAPTION (1009-181, 1011-137) On September 27 at Fordham, 15 historians and students confer to plan SPSSI @ 75 in NYC.  On Nov 7 at Touro, 150 students and faculty gathered for the 22nd SPSSI-NY research conference. More scenes appear at

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