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Journal of Social Issues
By Sheri R. Levy

JSI Editor, 2010-2013

I am delighted to report that the flow of high-quality submissions to JSI remains very high.  Our international Editorial Board has been hard at work, and I am very thankful for their expert advice.  Please view our Editorial Board at

We have many exciting issues recently in print and at the publishers.  I hope you had a chance to read the last issue of 2010 (Immigrants and Hosts: Perceptions, Interactions, and Transformations, Issue Editors: Kay Deaux, Victoria Esses, Richard Lalonde, & Rupert Brown) and the first issue of 2011 (75 Years of Social Science for Social Action: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on SPSSI’s Legacy, Issue Editors: Alexandra Rutherford, Frances Cherry, & Rhoda Unger).  Soon, the second issue of 2011 will be published (Anti-Gay Ballot Initiatives: The Social, Psychological, and Policy Implications, Issue Editors: Adam Fingerhut, Ellen Riggle, & Sherry Rostosky).  Please take note of our upcoming lineup of outstanding issues below.

Issues in Development

Scaling the Higher Education Pyramid: Research Addressing Academic and Career Success of Minorities and Women in Science and Engineering

Martin Chemers & Moin Syed

Towards a Social Psychology of Globalization

Chi-yue Chiu, Peter Cries, Carlos Torelli, & Shirley Cheng

The Reality of Contemporary Discrimination: The Consequences of Hidden Bias in Legal, Employment, and Health Care Context

Jason A. Nier & Samuel L. Gaertner

Impact Validity as a Framework for Advocacy-Based Research

Ricardo E. Barreras & Sean G. Massey

Systems of Privilege: Intersections, Awareness, & Applications

Kim Case & Jon Iuzzini

The Intersection of Psychology and Globalization

Jeannette Diaz-LaPlante & Sabrina Zirkel

The Aftermath of Genocide: Psychological Perspectives

Johanna Vollhardt & Michal Bilewicz

Sustainability in Combining Career and Care

Marloes van Engen, Claartje Vinkenburg, & Josje Dikkers

Contact JSI

I hope you will contact me by email ( about your ideas for issues for JSI. Please check out the JSI website ( for recent updates.  I want to thank Susan Dudley and Alex Ingrams for their tremendous assistance.

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