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New Editorial Team for Social Issues and Policy Review.

We (Sam Gaertner, University of Delaware, USA, and Rupert Brown, Sussex University, UK) have recently been appointed by The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) to assume the editorship of Social Issues and Policy Review (SIPR) beginning with the 2012 issue. We are now inviting potential authors with strong publishing experience to contact us with ideas for articles. Consistent with the mission of SIPR, such articles should provide state of the art theoretical and empirical reviews of topics and programs of research that are directly relevant to understanding and addressing social issues and public policy. If you are interested in developing a proposal, please send inquiries to Sam Gaertner ( and to Rupert Brown (

Since last February, we have been contacting an international selection of potential authors who are experts across broad spectrum of topics to inquire as to their interests in submitting an initial, very brief (three-page), proposal to be considered for development into an article for the journal. These proposals summarize the research literature authors plan to review and the social policy implications of their analysis as well as a list of references.  Routinely, we send these proposals to members of our editorial board as well as ad hoc reviewers asking for a brief commentary regarding suggestions to the authors and their opinion regarding the suitability for the proposed plan for article development. To date we have approximately twenty articles invited in various stages of development for inclusion in future issues of the journal between 2012 and 2014.  We are grateful to our reviewers for their responsiveness to our request for a short (3-week) review cycle. As you can see below, as we introduce members of our editorial review board, that they represent an international team whose expertise spans a diverse array of topics that will be of interest to our readership.

Members of the SIPR Editorial Board (2012)

David Albright (Florida State, USA)

Susan Ayers (Sussex, UK)

Faye Crosby (UC, Santa Cruz, USA)

Kay Deaux (CUNY Graduate Center and NYU, USA)

John Dovidio (Yale University, USA)

Kevin Durrheim (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

Michelle Fine (CUNY Graduate Center, USA)

Carolin Hagelskamp (NYU, USA)

Jonathon Howard  (Charles Sturt University, Australia)

Peter Harris (Sheffield, UK)

Blair Johnson (UConn, USA)

Sheri Levy (SUNY Stony Brook, USA)

Craig McGarty (Murdoch University, Australia)

Jorge Manzi (U. Catolica, Santiago, Chile)

Rudy Mendoza-Denton (UC Berkeley, USA)

Heather Mosher (Portland St., USA)

Arie Nadler (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

Tess Neal (The University of Alabama, USA)

Sik Hung Ng (City University of Hong Kong, China)

Louis Penner (Wayne State University, USA)

Jane Pilliavin (University of Wisconsin, USA)

Michelle Ryan (Exeter, UK)

Beth Shinn (Vanderbilt University, USA)

Janet Swim (Penn State University, USA)

Maykel Verkuyten (Utrecht U, Netherlands)

Sarah Vidal (Georgetown University, USA)

David Wilson (University of Delaware, USA)

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